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#OpKKK from #Anonymous defrocks racists across America

This, an image inspired by Banksy’s ephemeral artwork in civil rights flashpoint Birmingham, Alabama, is what you call Shots Fired.

Anonymous has declared war on the Ku Klux Klan, the American racial hate group first made internationally infamous in the 1891 Sherlock Holmes tale of the… 1,132 more words


Lardonians LOVE to Drop DOX.

But… Man Oh Man… Do They HATE It When It Is Their DOX!!!

“hemdroid” is “Lardo444″ 

UPDATE: 11/12/2014


Joey From The Sea Org Is Here To Help You Find Your Purpose!

Joey Collewijn at Celebrity Centre International is here to help you find your purpose in the Sea Org!

This not at all cheesy and predatory looking young man has but a singular purpose – to help you find your purpose in life (which unsurprisingly involves a life of Sea Org slave labor and 18 hour workdays). 84 more words


GamerGate Post 2: Sympathy for the Devil

Let me tell you a story of my tribe:

At its heart, the word “gamer” doesn’t just mean somebody who plays video games. It’s an identity, a tribe.  1,180 more words


MODES OF DEMOCRACY with Hannes Egger

Public surveillance on a massive scale, the invasion of individual privacy, the growing success of populist politicians and a return of authoritarian regimes in Europe and elsewhere … … 444 more words


Mace-Kingsley Brags About Putting 8 Year Old Through Purification Rundown

Yet another fun mailer from Mace-Kingsley. And nothing says dangerous quackery like bragging about putting an 8 year old through the purification rundown. Seriously that is freaking child abuse! 116 more words


Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber #News for October 3

TGIF, kittens! Raise a yellow umbrella and a cup of a cheering beverage to the end of the work week and the start of…a weekend of recovery from the work week? 337 more words