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David Miscavige Kisses Some Cardone Ass

Well it’s not often that you see Scientology leader David Miscavige kiss the asses of his parishioners customers but here you go. “Time-compression effect”? Does he mean they raided their savings faster than any saps before them? 140 more words


Chill E.B. Honeymoons in Scientology Sauna

File this one under all-time romantic getaways. Chill E.B. recently got married and subsequently completed the purification rundown at Flag with his new bride. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon sweating out toxins and other entheta nasties – no BTs though as that comes later. 30 more words



I am a big fan of books, and I am a big fan of comics books, which, as the name suggests, are books. There are those people who will try to convince you that comics are somehow less serious than “proper” books, who believe that pictures are unserious, and that it is right and proper that books should have fewer of them as their readers gets older. 575 more words

Paradox ~ The Final Answer OST

A little late but i just discovered this new song from my super favourite thai band!
PARADOX!Their heartfelt lyrics and P’tar’s voice totally got me hooked. 16 more words


Mace-Kingsley Kid's Scientology Summer Program

Hey kids, don’t waste your summer having fun and enjoying yourself – that’s so downstat and totally out-ethics. Spend your summer at Mace-Kingsley doing the super fun purification rundown!  168 more words


The Sea Org's IAS Division Is Hiring!

Move Down In Status!

Join the Sea Org Today!

It would appear that the Sea Org is desperate for people to work for the IAS. I got this in the mail last week and I’ve never in all my years seen the IAS send out anything like this. 123 more words


Scientology Takes Over Volunteer Awards - Gives Most Awards To Scientologists

I was scanning the Scientology-related news headlines yesterday when I saw that FLAG had put out a PRWeb press release about holding a volunteer recognition awards event at the Fort Harrison (where… 643 more words