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28/365: DM Me

Age/ Sex/ Location
Throw in a picture and your vocation
And you are ready to be catfished!
Pretend to be a woman, pretend to be a dog… 171 more words


The Velikovsky Tango: A Ramble

Oh man, snowing again. That means I’ll have to shovel later. Blurgh.

I’ve done exercise 6 days in a row and I’m feeling pretty stiff. I walked home today from school – it’s about 5km, took me about an hour – but it was nice and freezing cold, just how I like it. 282 more words

Zoe Quinn will soon launch an anti-harassment network to help others who are being abused online

By Miriam Pinto

The female game developer who was targeted on GamerGate, created a online harassment support network for other victims of the GamerGate battle, with Alex Lifschitz a gamer journalist. 192 more words


Thank you, Sony... Part 2

Close to 1 AM, I finally had it with trying keep hitting the login button to see if I could shove my way in.  I attempted to contact a Sony rep, via chat, and this is how it all transpired… 727 more words

PlayStation 3

Barrett Brown of #Anonymous Sentenced Today: Watch the Full Arrest Video

And by “full” we mean with several minutes of post-arrest porn cut out of it. Yes, this is what happens when you get busted and manhandled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations: people in your chat session upload porn while you’re getting roughed up and patted down. 1,088 more words


On doxing, political correctness, and freedom of speech

I’ve just endured one of the most tedious rituals of modern life – the airport patdown (which autocorrect has tried to turn into ‘putdown’ – which kind of works too). 1,594 more words

Taxpayer-Funded Privacy Advocates, Liberal Pundits, and Nazi-Rapist-Snitch Allies Make Case for Doxxing Critics. You Are Literally Next.

It seems the MSM finds fights at the far corners of Twitter to be interesting enough fodder for semi-researched articles, so I feel the need to clarify my positions and expand the analysis of the shitshow surrounding the ongoing @JbJabroni10 saga. 2,659 more words