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#OpFerguson and #UGNazi in conversation: exclusive interviews

The Anonymous Justice Operation OpFerguson came together and gelled in the time Michael Brown’s body was still lying on the ground after his shooting at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. 1,562 more words


Mace-Kingsley Sets 4 Year Old Straight With Scientology

For the past few days, my four-year-old daughter M. wasn’t being her usual enthusiastic self and she was not wanting to go to school or session.

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Scientology Cured My MS!

“11 Months ago I was in the hospital and I couldn’t walk” said an emotional Kristen King to the crowd at ASHO for her Clear announcement.

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At Least We Aren't As Nutty As Tainn...

~West of Glasswater Creek at the Twisting Elm Tree~

Layavin gives a slight nod.

Tempest starts to say something else as she stands by the tree talking to Layavin, but her ears prick up and her head swivels at the sound of footsteps approaching. 2,419 more words

A Message From The #Ferguson Protesters To #Anonymous

It’s been a hit-or-miss week for Anonymous in Ferguson, Missouri; their #OpFerguson has enjoyed wide support, but in their attempts to identify the police officer who shot Mike Brown and dox the police chief they’ve struck wide of the mark, causing distraught family members of the innocent to take to Twitter to plead for their lives. 397 more words


Interwebbed: TGIF Cyber and Crypto Headlines

We made it to Friday, kittens! The way this week has been going I’d have lost a bet on that, for sure. But the week is ended, the weekend is hours away, and now we know that… 211 more words


Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child With Scientology!

Well praise the lord Scientology heals the blind! Well at least according to those whacky folks at Mace-Kingsley it does. And when her parents say that “She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware” does that mean she audited out her whole track overts from millions of years ago that were causing her blindness? 404 more words