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GamerGate Post 2: Sympathy for the Devil

Let me tell you a story of my tribe:

At its heart, the word “gamer” doesn’t just mean somebody who plays video games. It’s an identity, a tribe.  1,176 more words


MODES OF DEMOCRACY with Hannes Egger

Public surveillance on a massive scale, the invasion of individual privacy, the growing success of populist politicians and a return of authoritarian regimes in Europe and elsewhere … … 444 more words


Mace-Kingsley Brags About Putting 8 Year Old Through Purification Rundown

Yet another fun mailer from Mace-Kingsley. And nothing says dangerous quackery like bragging about putting an 8 year old through the purification rundown. Seriously that is freaking child abuse! 116 more words


Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber #News for October 3

TGIF, kittens! Raise a yellow umbrella and a cup of a cheering beverage to the end of the work week and the start of…a weekend of recovery from the work week? 337 more words


Emma Watson threatened with hoax nude photo leak by internet marketers

Over the weekend, Emma Watson gave a lauded speech to the UN about gender equality.

In the speech, under the auspices of her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, she expressed support for the… 631 more words


Brain Damaging Thoughts: Internet harassment, GamerGate and Doxxing

It started to be more and more of a serious issue than it was ten years or even more ago. Internet harassment started to develop it started to become a real threat to someone’s life, like from harmless trolls that only insulted you to full scale attacks on your life that could cause you to lose your job and have a really bad time.  766 more words


Crowd-funding Czech comics

I have written about both crowd-funding and Czech comics before, so I will keep this one relatively brief. When I first came back to Prague around 18 months ago, I took to reading every Czech comic I could get my hands on. 770 more words