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When the clouds roll in,

Face them with a smile.

Let the people assume & talk,

As you continue to walk

With Him all the while. 65 more words


Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

Misty morning, fog is warning
death on her lips is sung
she smiles she screams
noise fills her dreams
death on her lips is sung… 82 more words


50-word challenge: The Question

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, voice gentle.

“Yes,” she lied. They’d been dancing towards this moment for weeks. She wanted him so badly, wanted to be ready, didn’t want to disappoint him by saying no. 9 more words


This is who matters.
This is the one that should be happy first, before working to make others happy.
This is the person that can stop me from succeeding. 54 more words

The Grit

What Hurts The Most

This poem is for WordPress Weekly Challenge.

There once was a boy,
A little young fellow,
He lived in a town call Townsville,
And called by the name hello. 326 more words

Abysmal Heights


This poem is for WordPress Weekly Challenge.

It was night and I stood there waiting in silence,
Under the tree by the brook,
For you to come and free me, hence… 104 more words

Abysmal Heights


My second submission for Weekly Challenge.

When I was just a little boy,
I lost my only family - my mother,
And All she left me was a silver toy, 371 more words

Abysmal Heights