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When You Were Gone

bright and summery is my memory of that day
sun jewels sparkling in your fiery hair
your long shadow striding confidently
toward your new life together with me… 47 more words


Great Expectations

I’m sure I’ve been disappointed more times than I can remember. For instance, when a meal I ordered didn’t taste as good as it looked on the menu, or when a one night stand left me wondering why I even bothered at all. 504 more words

A Ballerina's Final Curtain Call

She carefully examines her appearance, smoothing out any and all visible imperfections. As she looks sadly upon the lines by her eyes, a familiar call beckons. 29 more words

Great Expectations

I haven’t met my own expectations.  I was supposed to be stronger, better, smarter, instead, I’ve let myself down.  I’ve had entirely too many grand plans and potential life-trajectories disintegrate for one reason or another. 237 more words

Weekly Writing Challenge: Great Expectations

I try not to have expectations as I’ve learned it often lead to heartache and disappointment. It’s sad when a person comes to a point on his/her life when he/she does not look forward to anything more than getting by, breathing and going through every day motions. 327 more words


Me, Myself, and I

For my many years I  had certain expectations of my family.  However, as I grew up I realized how evasive my mother was about her past.   558 more words