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One More Little Moving Dot On One Of The Many Long Strips Of Tarmac...

This is my last post from our Summer 2013 camper travels to the south coast of England.

We still had insurance claims and the long list of tree damage to sort out with the owner of the camper, the only downside to our début camper experience. 338 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

“I consciously ignored the highly praised right angle and the rational architecture of T-squares and triangles in order to wholeheartedly enter the world of curves and new shapes made possible by the introduction of concrete into the building process.” … 666 more words

Positive Advice

I'm In Love

A few days ago while visiting with relatives, I overheard a cousin telling another how she had her eyes on a certain gentleman and wished he would “ask her out” (on a date).  227 more words

Travel & Lifestyle


Spinning Yarns – What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

Last night I dreamed about chickens. 462 more words


Angular Upward Tree

Oh, maple tree,
Branches reach upward to the sky,
Few spotted yellow leaves droop,
Dug deep in Mother Earth your mighty roots,
Breathing late autumn in a soft sigh, 18 more words


Weekly photo challenge: An 'arty' Angular photo

I took this photo in an art gallery in Malmo in Sweden recently. (Shh…not sure if I was supposed to be taking photos in there!) 133 more words


My Guilty Pleasure ... but how bad can it really be if it's in Season 29?!

*This post was written in response to today’s Daily Challenge: Grateful and Guilty. “Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure.” 235 more words