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The Four-minute Rabbit

My family is a rare breed of city park-dwelling bunny rabbits. Our folks moved all 1,023 of us kits to a sprawling urban farm where we had acres of carrots, spring greens and kale to feed on. 595 more words

Daily Prompt

Take Away The Canal, But The Water Still Tried To Sneak Back...

The Dutch are well known for having one of the biggest flower industries in the world.

Their bulbs, blooms and plants are exported world-wide and many a bunch of cut flowers sitting on a vase on global household tables, or bulbs popping through the soils of a spring garden had their origins in one of the acres of glass houses or kilometres of bulb fields here in The Netherlands. 477 more words


the real me

If I were ever to enter a roomful of strangers, on the condition that I should be required to spend precisely four minutes attempting to tell a story that would convey my true personality, because I should be forced to cover many salient points I should hope for my sake that I may be allow to prepare something in advance. 144 more words

Daily Post

Writing 101 : Day 6, A Character-Building Experience

I thought and thought and thought, but wasn’t able to decide that who should be my subject for this post. Then, it struck me. Yes, i’m going to write about my best friend-cum-room mate. 148 more words


Shortest Me

Hi, I am ECG,and here is my story. I am taking up English Language Teaching at Middle East Tech in Ankara, Turkey. I tell myself that I am just an ordinary person, although mos of my friends tell me that I am one of the most enigmatic and complicated persons that they have ever met in their lives. 462 more words


A Sweet Miss

I heart summer.

(but I adore fall.)

Daily Post: Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

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Seasons Changing In Just A Few Hours...

I’m used to driving down green leafy streets before getting into a plane in New Zealand on a blue skied, tee-shirt warm summers day and stepping out in into the even hotter warmth of tropical Singapore. 341 more words