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Build Your Own ~

In answer to the weekly writing challenge Build Your Own: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/build-your-own/


I had been there before, a long time ago. Yet everything looked the same: just as I remembered it.

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The sound of phantoms

I had been here before, a long time ago.

Some hide. Darkness their friends, light their enemies. Some of fright, some to win the war. We have all seen and known them, but like phantoms, they keep evading us.

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Epic Notes: After-Wife

Rummaging through the past always makes me sad. It makes me yearn for the time I was still excited to find out how things would wind up, before they went downhill and now all I can do is sigh and wish I had never dared to try and be in love. 1,501 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Thinking about this week’s photo topic, Dialogue, and how two companion photographs can set up a dialogue in the viewer’s mind that builds on the proximity.   42 more words


You Know It's "Community" When Locals Sweep The Street Clean...

It’s my last post from the small Greece village of Kissos, on the Pelion peninsular in Greece. The village, when we visited in October 2012 was quiet and very atmospheric in the sunny autumn light. 116 more words


The Pickle Theory

My first job was at McDonalds.  My 100% polyester uniform was the colour of dried blood and accessorized with a visor that I presume protected me from beams of fluorescent indoor lighting.  815 more words

Life Lessons

labor pains

There are several job descriptions that would drive me out of my mind. I can’t possibly do anything that involves heavy lifting or heights since I’ve always been irremediably incapable of dealing with things like that. 209 more words

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