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On Writing

Let this be clear to everyone who even cares to drop by and read this plebian’s blog: Even though I am supposed to read a lot more than I was reading in the past, I read less now for no comprehensible reason whatsoever. 625 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

The enchantment of a tree house nested high in the crown of a wild, coastal cyprus can send nighttime chills through a poet’s spine.

Sun sets Sunday on a sundae

While waiting in the drive-through for the wizards at Culver’s to create my custard sundae topped with peanut butter sauce and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (because one kind of peanut butter isn’t enough), I looked out the truck window and the crescent moon cast a spell. 102 more words

Weird Chinese Food: Scorpions on a Stick for 5 Yuan

The great Buddha once said, “When in China, dine as the Chinese do”… and that’s exactly what we did…. Okay, Buddha never said that– but it sounds cool. 199 more words


We Aren't Lost, We are ....."Sightseeing"!

Last summer  we hired a camper and headed to the UK.  We have friends who live in Folkstone but our camper van won’t fit in their  tiny driveway and parking is restricted on their busy street. 491 more words


food glorious food

 For as long as  I can remember I’ve always been quite a most hearty eater. My niece, Bridget, and nephews, Michael and Sam, have frequently passed remarks about how it’s so difficult for anyone to find out about my tastes in food because I always eat anything that’s put in front of me.   273 more words

Daily Post

Four Shadows


Now I had heard of the term foreshadow before, but it had never really occurred to me what it was exactly and how I would use it in a piece of writing. 295 more words