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Getting Up The Solar Energy For A Chocolate Box Alert...

Today’s post is a photographic series that follows our journey last summer in our hired camper along part of England’s south coast, specifically from  Yeovilton to Crediton. 347 more words


tempus fugit. memento mori

I suppose that I have known, since a very early age, of the inevitably of my eventual death.  When I was first born I was  very sick, with a life-threatening problem, and after effects that lingered all throughout my childhood, so I was constantly reminded of the risk of my early death. 238 more words

Daily Post

Refracted Light and Life

Light as a metaphor for life — man, has that been done to death! So today I won’t inflict that upon you; instead, I’ll allow a picture to speak a thousand words. 190 more words



I like warmth and sunshine as much as the next guy but I must be honest in admitting that summer is not my favourite season. Sure, it has its perks – longer days, vacation time, the social acceptance of daily “happy hour” wine consumption… But there are also lots of reasons to rejoice in the coming of the cold: 428 more words


Here for Now...Not Forever

At a very young age I became very aware that life is truly fleeting. My mother always said that as a child I seemed to be aware of many things that were unusual for a young tot to be aware of…I would stare into people versus at people, I would sit for long periods of time pondering this toy or that toy, I read at an early age, I was sensitive to other people’s emotions etc. 407 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Arcata, CA

I bent down to take a photograph of a sweet protected wildflower, one of my most treasured things to find and photograph, as I was walking on a path at our local marsh. 85 more words


Shining Darkness

Nowhere to go
Oblivion fast creeping in
Where’s the sign
The darkness shines

Can’t run these feet
Shadow rage catching from deep within… 50 more words