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Scenery new and old

Hello again! Here are 2 projects that I just completed…

First up is part two of a three part series of old DPM kits I have been refurbishing. 37 more words

First Ruin Refurb and Repaint

Seen As a work in progress in the first pic in Refurb Part II, is the new reprinted and complete ruin of this building. It is based on MDF and is part of 2 other DPM ruins I am in the process of refurbishing and reprinting to suit my current scenic standard. Hope you enjoy!



When Digital PMs Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

I’m really looking forward to joining my friend Rachel Gertz on a Louder Than Ten Q&A on August 15 at 3pm EDT. This project that Rachel and Travis Gertz have come up with is great, because it provides another platform for digital project managers to talk more about their work and share and exchange ideas in real time. 142 more words

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