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What's YOUR PT Profile?

What kind of physical therapist are you? Are you proud to be a PT? Do you consider PTs the experts in movement? We do. 160 more words

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DPT vs Masters

In the current or entering job market, which would you advise getting, A DPT or a Masters in physical therapy? Does one allow you to get more money and quicker promotions, or as long as you are a PT, the title means little?


O Western Medicine...What Have We Done?

We’ve gone too long with this faulted and fragmented system. We’ve failed to listen to our patients because of a highly legislated, bureaucratized, and overly business’d system that has worn down our providers forcing submission to the system or withdrawal. 519 more words

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Myth #7: I can do physical therapy myself.

Physical therapy myth #7: I can do physical therapy myself

Really?- how well does that work out for you?
I had a patient tell a friend: “Dude, you can’t rehab your (surgical) ankle fracture from stuff off of YouTube. 128 more words

Physical Therapy Practice

Things just couldn't be easy

Hey BP

You are a vocal one!

I’ve had to do mad dashes to the clinic for blood tests twice in one week because you just can’t snuggle in quietly and grow into something amazing and I hope that you’re not just cracking it wildly because mum likes to do things. 77 more words

The Final Countdown (to a DPT)

200 days or 4800 hours or 288000 minutes. That’s what stands between me and the day where I stand in front of my family, friends, classmates, and professors and become hooded as a DPT. 268 more words

Interview with Travel Physical Therapist: Kristen Schwenk PT, DPT

Interview Post! I recently ran in to Kristen Schwenk PT, DPT in Philadelphia and we got to talking about PT (naturally).  Kristen was the person who got me into PT and literally introduced the field to me.   2,690 more words

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