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Lessons learned

(Composed 4/22/14)

Today was a little bit of an eye-opener, in more ways than one. I need to list them as I remember them before I forget. 1,441 more words



1. Toddy’s for everyone!
2. DQ has blizzards in a waffle cone now?? Mind blown.
3. Craving popcorn lately. Wine too, but that’s nothing new. 163 more words

A lovely reminder of everything I miss from home. DQ run on a hot summer day with the fam. Ahhhhh CL I miss ya.

Let's Eat!

Last night we had our hockey banquet at a restaurant called The Mill, about a 15 minute drive from downtown Worcester. It was a quiet little restaurant, and we all had a great time eating and chatting (but mostly eating). 97 more words

From The College Student

Day 15

Okay so I couldn’t get a proper picture of today’s happy because I was driving. But there’s a DQ on my way to church. Its a seasonal one, really old with a sign out front that says things like “sorry we’re closed until spring.” 61 more words


Lola Rosa and some DQ

Still super gross out here in Montreal.  Hopefully the weather is a bit more pleasant wherever you are :) Not a whole lot going on in the recipe front, but I thought I’d share my dinner last night with you guys.  252 more words