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More Than You Want to Know About Swimming Disqualifications

Disqualifications are an essential part of swimming. It’s there lurking in the background of every race in every meet. But what’s the real purpose of disqualifications? 2,053 more words

Mighty Tritons

Why are these topics missing from Davos chat?

  • Terror and the fall-out from Paris attacks. This may change when President Hollande speaks at 11.30 today
  • There are no protests … is this a sign of all NGOs now being “in the tent?”
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Day 10

Woke up a little bit hung over today. Tried to eat to make things better. It didn’t work. Had a shower while my friend R went to her tattoo appointment. 89 more words

Daily Journal 2015

Dari MTT ke Darul Quran

Tahniah dan syabas untuk adik Ahmad Thaqaufi bin Awang yang kini meneruskan pengajian ke Darul Quran (DQ Jakim). Beliau yang mula menuntut di Maahad Tahfiz Wal Tarbiyyah Darul Iman sejak tahun 2010 diterima masuk ke DQ Jakim. Alhamdulillah.


The Night after Christmas Day

Romper + kimono?? I don’t know if I pulled this outfit right. Nevertheless, I still wore it at the mall yesterday. :D

How was your Christmas,  lovely people? 84 more words


I Had a Dream

Last night, I had the strangest dream. I’m going to break it down here. From what I remember, some stuff was happening and I was out on the town drinking with some friends. 915 more words