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January 2015 Playlist

I’ve got those January blues.

(Honorable mention: Heart It Races x Dr. Dog, of which only the live version was available on Spotify)


Dr. Dog : Live At A Flamingo Hotel

I’ve never really been much into live albums. For some reason they just don’t do much for me. They never seem to truly capture the magic of that moment. 657 more words

Music Reviews

Who Wouldn't Order 9 Glasses of Wine at Once?

I went out for dinner at the lovely Uptown Cafe in Butte, MT last night with two lovely lady friends of mine. We each wanted to try a different glass of red wine so we ordered one glass per person but each of us tried a different kind of wine. 104 more words

Dr. Dog sounds cool and has one guy who looks familiar

I’m digging the CBS weekend morning news’ Saturday version more and more. It takes me a while to get comfortable with personalities and style, I readily admit, and weekdays I am an avowed “Today” follower over on NBC. 247 more words


Dr. Dog

tonight…. my lovely band… I remember when I found them and Man Man the same night on Myspace (!) in 2008. (after literally typing something goofily specific like ‘modern indie rock’ into the search engine) I listened to ‘Shame Shame’ last night and was surprised by my emotions. 77 more words