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It Just Gets Weirder

That’s right.  If you can say it you can do it. Everything’s a mystery now.  You just don’t know what’s coming next but at least you’ve realized that’s how it should be, instead of fighting it.  619 more words


Post 26: Walking by

Enthusiasm level:  Refreshed and renewed
Progress: Running along
Quote: “We have some other very rare images of Hendrix”

I have been out of the country for a few days and my travelling companions and I have had our Hendrix antennae twitching but to no avail we didn’t hear so much as a Hendrix chord on our trip. 177 more words


Berlinski and Hitchens: amazing debate

The late Christopher Hitchens is everywhere on YouTube, ferociously debating those who espouse religions of all types, and in my previous post I said that I avoided watching. 772 more words

Speech Critique

A Level English Language Change Workshop

We spent a large part of last week using six books from the Library’s collections to explore how the English Language has changed in the company of some wonderful A Level students and their teachers from across Greater Manchester*. 323 more words

The John Rylands Library

On The Trail of Dr Johnson: Up the Menai

Where last we left Dr Johnson he was sharing a room with two men somewhere in my home city of Bangor. As we pick up the trail it is late August 1774 and Dr Johnson, along with his companions the Thrale family (his landlords… Oh and he was probably having it off with Mrs Thrale as well… And he may also have been the father of some of her children,) have finally reached the peak of their journey, Bangor and the Menai straits from where we pick up the trail. 3,098 more words