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Set Your Dreams Free


Hello lovelies:

This is for those who have yet to begin:

Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Do not be afraid to try. 314 more words

'Today You Are You...'

‘...that is truer than true.’

One of my favourite quotes of all time has been from the famous Dr. Seuss. The man who thought up the amazing Cat in the Hat, Horton who heard a Who and of course The Lorax. 656 more words


Bedtime Stories

Bedtime used to be war time.

The Little Creature used to hate going to sleep. It must have been because of the iPad and the TV. 500 more words


Now That I Have Found You

So true…
Sad to say that is something I do not do. 
But maybe but maybe, there is a light in that too. 
…Now that I.

224 more words

Dating Website Handles - Choose Wisely

There are so many aspects I find amusing about online dating, but by far the usernames are my favourite. A close second would be the dude duck face – oh it happens. 203 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings


“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it could become.”

Wait! What did he just say? Stop the movie! Rewind it! Play it back, and let me listen again! 646 more words

Making The Ordinary Extraordinary