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What is the deal with Matt Smith's everything?

Don’t get me wrong, guys, Matt Smith really has grown on me, especially watching the last few episodes of S7 and the 50th anniversary Dr.Who episode  383 more words

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Doctor Who - 51 Years On

Written by Lewis Mainwaring

First broadcast on 23rd of November 1963 at 17:16 (on BBC One) with William Hartnell taking the role as the mysterious Doctor Who – fast forward… 402 more words


Special Doctor Who / calendar day! :D

November 23 is notable for a number of highly varied events on Earth and its parallels:

-1638 – The Seventh Doctor launched the Nemesis statue into orbit after battling Lady Peinforte with the help of Roundheads in a meadow in Windsor. 557 more words

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Flight Through Eternity 003 – The Edge of Destruction

Back from the dead…

This serial mainly exists to resolve the climate of distrust amongst the main characters that has defined the previous eleven episodes. For better or for worse, following the resolution of this story, Ian, Barbara, Susan and the Doctor will more or less interact with the kind of warmth of an extended family (it will only be much later that the series begins to toy with the idea of a belligerent relationship between the Doctor and companions). 410 more words

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November 23, 2014

Today is National Dr. Who Day and I think that means I will be watching a little of the good doctor at some point today.  I have never gone back and seen the original episodes that began back in 1963 (November 23rd, 1963 to be exact.)  A couple summers ago, we went back and watched from the series from the 2005 relaunch with Christopher Eccleston ( 162 more words

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Day 325: Mail Art Project with Dayan

Sample Mail Art

This afternoon was really a series of firsts, all shared with my grandson Dayan. Last week we spent an afternoon selecting materials to create mail art to send to the Post Memorial Art Library in Joplin. 481 more words

Year Of Firsts