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Gallifreyan Earrings (Dr Who)

A Dr Who fan approached me and wanted some earrings made using that timeless Time Lord’s written language from the planet Gallifrey. Don’t ask me what it says, I don’t speak the language!

3D Printing

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 9

Firstly the episode title Flatliners had nothing to do with that famous Kevin Bacon film off of the 90s

The episode was an odd one, some mild humour when the doctor was sticking his hand out of the Tardis. 135 more words

New Dr Who

Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who - Flatline

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who – Flatline

Dave, Mike and Ian have been found guilty of crimes against humanity for their history of Pun making in commentaries. 82 more words


Mummy on the Orient Express

We at ‘The Minimum Effort’ would like to apologise for this late posting of last weeks article about Dr Who. Some stuff happened and we were busy and it wasn’t our fault. 521 more words


Day 14 of My Promise: Cousins! and Sleepovers! and Doctor Who! Oh My!

Friday was a great day at school, and because I behaved all week I had two sleepover this weekend.  On Friday night, my cousins Pheobe and Kayli slept over.   328 more words

A light that never goes out

Continuing our series this month on fear and how we handle it, here’s guest blogger John Wade of Bromford

Whatever book I’m reading or TV programme I’ve been watching I can’t help but see themes and links with our work at Bromford. 626 more words


Do Something.

I spend a lot of time staring at a screen. A lot of time. And I’ve just now realized that half of the stuff that I’m doing while staring at the screen benefits me in no way; I am literally just watching it to pass time because I a) can’t think of anything else to do, b) am procrastinating, or c) can think of something productive to do but am too lazy to do it. 586 more words

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