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Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who - The Caretaker

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who – The Caretaker

With Ian down with a mysterious illness, Mike and Dave have a meeting to decide who will get to use “Ian’s Dr Who Pun Book” this week. 80 more words


Dr. Who season 3 - The Doctor's "Riker's beard" moment

I have been too busy clearing my head of internet fluff and doing store stuff PLUS watching a shit-tonne of Dr. Who and now let’s talk about it. 204 more words

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Doctor Who: 3x3 "Gridlock"

Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Richard Clark

“The sky’s burnt orange, with the citadel enclosed in a mighty glass dome, shining under the twin suns. 589 more words

Dr. Who

Dr Who Series 8 - Episode 6

A slightly better episode this week, the little quips between the Dr and Clara are getting better however the relationship between the two is still not right. 106 more words


Earths protector by cassie15747 part 1


i do not own doctor who or any other show movie song or book  or anyother settings. They belong to the origanal owners. I only own the original characters  No copyright infringement is intended. 1,214 more words

Harry Potter

Science Fiction and Fact Charm Bracelet

I spent the past three days at Convolution 2014, tabling, networking, and supporting friends and strangers in their writing, publishing, and costuming endeavors.  I’m exhausted! 49 more words


Doctor Who...

… Time Heist.

This was another silly Doctor Who episode. I liked all of the characters and aliens, but it was still silly.

Basic plot: the Doctor and Clara rob a bank with friends(ish), and kind of against their will. 293 more words