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I got bit again and dscusting photo of spider bite on an old wrinkled up leg

I did a post about getting bit by a spider again and apparently it went out into the cyber world.

In just two days it has turned into cellulitis and I ended up in ER Room last night. 63 more words

Soy Dominicana

Belinda, my mother accidentally bought first class seats for our flight to the DR. No complaints, but it IS hilarious.

But my first class high was quickly dropped when we arrived at the airport and our car wasn’t there to pick us up 😡😡😡. 835 more words

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Me and my partner made a box with straws and tape. We threw it from the 2nd floor. And the egg and the cube survived.


How on earth....

Do people get painkillers out of their GP?

I’ve had the usual weaker opiates:

Tramadol (nasty makes me puke bad)

As well as: 45 more words