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Unchanged [sequel of Midnight]

Cast: Kim Seok Jin, Lee Sera.

Genre: Angst

Length: Drabble

Author: Dvirginanda 524 more words


Drunk drabbles with a touch of poetic justice

In vino veritas said one wise man to the masses. Verily I say unto you, I have delved into the ways of a lush tonight. 123 more words



A lonely track in the middle of the night.
A few mumbled prayers before the bullet in the head,
Completes my summary execution.
Thrown in a dark hole and abandoned. 68 more words


Adieu. You can’t understand this. You never understood me. That’s why I’m saying goodbye. 

Do you remember when I said I was okay? That was a lie. 292 more words

Teenage Bitterness

Drabble 92

Clara was glued to the pew, ass numb thanks to the hard wood. She dared not move a muscle, dared not draw attention to herself. She wasn’t dressed for a wedding, but the moment she saw the sign on her way out of town, well, she couldn’t help it. 198 more words



I’m annoyed at how long this took me, but the first of the 30 day prompts. As I’ve not really written much recently, it was like pulling blood from a stone. 139 more words

Drabble 91

They picked us off one by one. They turned us inside out, so inward that our egos came out swinging. We fought each other tooth and nail, while they watched from their thrones. 74 more words