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[three] ignis fatuus

Continuation/ending of ignis fatuus. Loosely based on “Goblin Market” by Christina Rosetti. Written for my English class.

Lizzie was on the ground, knees stained with dirt, nails caked with dried blood, dress rumpled, withered grass pressed onto her bare arms and legs. 316 more words

Life in the Garden

“How do you like my garden?”
“It’s fantastic! You really have the touch. I’m looking forward to sampling your fruit.”
“…And what about herself? How is she?” 81 more words

A Fall from Grace

You stand there, shrivelled, shrunken in on yourself,
As if afraid of the world seeing you,
When all around you,
Others are shedding their clothing, 77 more words


Authored by. SOOWONESTER

Poster / Cover by. LOVE4SOOWON

Short story ini saya buat hanya untuk mengekspresikan khayalan saya tentang reaksi Siwon untuk berita tersebut. Dan semua tulisan yang saya buat itu semua semata-mata sebagai salah satu bentuk do’a dan harapan agar…

580 more words

The City: 004: Bob

Bob knew every turn and corner in The City.  He could get from The Heights to The Bay inside of ten minutes, in any weather, at any time of day.  74 more words


A Knight in Shining Armour

A new photo prompt from Goodreads M/M Romance Group, and here’s my drabble:

”What the hell are you doing here?”

“I’m your knight in shining armour, you know that.” He smiled that smile that usually made my knees grow weak. 78 more words

Flash Fiction

A Murderous Conundrum

I pause after hours of digging, as the conundrum strikes me.
Do I pile all the dirt back into the hole, thereby, making an obvious grave-like mound. 75 more words