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Bed Warmer

“Sica’s darling is home,” Taeyeon called out as she took off her shoes at the door.

Looking at her watch, Taeyeon realised that it was nearly midnight and Jessica was probably asleep. 545 more words


The Gypsy Curse

Revenge comes in many forms, but I never thought the gypsy curse would come true.

It seemed too far-fetched to consider.

I knew that I’d been wrong to abuse her, and I wish I could take back the words that spilled from my mouth, but once out, there was no going back. 50 more words

Only look at me #18

Only look at me | ninjaees@aff.

#18. Danger

warning: character death

drabble mới nhất và có vẻ như là quà halloween của bạn author :3 nên đang trong đà hớn mình dịch luôn cho đúng dịp~ 642 more words


Only look at me #4

Only look at me | ninjaees@aff.

#4. Drinks and a bit of dancing

a/n: i don’t even know where this was heading tbh and let’s just pretend that jungkook is of age already hehe oh and excuse the super lame title. 1,441 more words


Through The Wind And The Rain

Title: Through The Wind And The Rain

Author: rixythewraith@Lj | Trans: Acoldsummerday

Fandom: BTS/Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boyscouts/Whatever they call themselves

Pairing(s): none (Yoongi, Rapmon’s friendship) 1,847 more words


[Drabble Series] Leo or Shiro ?

Leo or Shiro ?


by Juliahwang


VIXX’s Leo | | RedVelvet’s Irene


Fluff, AU, Romance | | General | | Drabble



VIXX – Time Machine… 588 more words


Putting on a show

”What the hell are you doing?”

I glanced over my shoulder and saw Adam’s wide-eyed stare. “Go away, I’m putting on a show.”

“Go away? I’m not five, you can’t tell me what to do!” 75 more words

Flash Fiction