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One Step Closer

®slowlybell presents.

|| Yoo Ara  – A man | T | Sad – romance, life | Drabble | Yoo Ara is belong to God and herself. 123 more words



There was a woman, the Last Woman. She and her companion, a man, were the final representatives of humankind. Like all things, humankind must end—and end it would, soon, when the two succumbed to the ravages of the sickness their species, in their desire to destroy, had unleashed upon itself. 49 more words

100 Words

The City: 045: Raine

“An explanation?  Of course.”  Babbage practically oozed unctuous charm.  Raine considered the confrontation with interest.  The whole board did, but they weren’t going to get involved.  77 more words


[Drabble] Midnight

 A new fanfiction Midnight

Present by ladyoong

Main Casts—Cho Kyuhyun Lee Hwara


Rated—PG 13


Disclaimer—This story is mine! The Casts belong to God. 335 more words


Make Her Notice; In Which He Fails (DRABBLE)

Genre; slight!romance, library!au, …

“Hello, you!”

Kei turns to her left, her eyebrows raised because of a boy who looks much.. geeky. With thick-rimmed glasses and a hair..fringe most likely gelled to the left, leaving a-non-hair-decorated forehead. 335 more words



Jeremiah peeked out of his hiding place.
The world has all gone quiet now, where only few hours ago there was chaos.
His family and friends have all gone, rounded up at dawn and hustled into lorries, to he knew not where, but Jeremiah had always been the bold one. 52 more words

Patience is far more than a virtue (it's a way of living)

│»Patience is far more than a virtue (it’s a way of living)« │ 125 words │ PG │ I’m personally, patiently trying to master the art of nurturing something dear. 126 more words