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Editing Tip #48

First Impressions, Pt. 3 ~

The contents of your first page need to capture the interest of your target reader immediately. We know how important the hook, or first sentence, is as well having a first paragraph that follows through on the the promise of that first line. 446 more words


Where to look

Shouting obscenities into the morning dew and giggling at the echoes…The purity of drunken Russian laughter woke me. Feeling like something belongs on paper, I poked powder into the coffee pot and took to the keys.  94 more words


ever upward

6 April 2014

ever upward

deep beats the heart of new amsterdam
citizens walk streets with heads


and hands clasped together
as tri-tones ring among the buzz of bees… 41 more words


JQuery fundamentals

is a single javascript file.
it is cross-browser
jquery plugins

If you don’t need to support IE6-8, go with Jquery 2.x

  <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
… 2,816 more words

To rewrite or not to rewrite (while still on the first draft)

Ah, yet another topic that came about from my farting around on the Internet.

Confession time: one of my guilty pleasures is reading Oh No They Didn’t… 1,015 more words

75,000 words of draft two reached - so, so painful!

Well, this has been a struggle.

I hit 75k last night, but the last few days have been a trickle of writing that I just know will be obliterated in the now certain-to-be-needed third draft. 398 more words


A Method of Revision

Last Saturday I hosted a Facebook event discussing approaches to revision, editing, and proofreading. If you were unable to attend, I will dedicate the next few posts to discuss those three different topics. 1,423 more words