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The Greatest Love of All - e.g: the best thing I have discovered to do on a Tuesday.

This weekend I turned 23. Which is pretty awkward for the title of this blog and all, but remember I created it during a haze of sleeping pills and wine so I didn’t really consider the implications of such things like not being 22. 348 more words

RuPaul Recap: Drag My Wedding

We’ve finally reached our top 6, hunties and gentlemen! And yes gawd do they sure know how to sling that shade.  This week’s main challenge is wedding themed- because you know gays can’t actually get married in most places so the only way they can live out their fantasy is on a LOGO show.   873 more words

Mrs. Doubtfire recut as a horror movie may be the best/worst thing ever.

This is hilarious. The scene where he calls his ex-wife about the nanny position just completely freaked me out. I used to think Mrs Doubtfire could do no wrong but now that I’ve seen this spoof from here on out when I think Mrs. Doubtfire I think Norman Bates.


Happy #12

The outline of lipstick on a coffee cup that is left by someone you love.  You usually discover it at the end the of the day when you’re doing dishes.   25 more words