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Draghi Plays His Part in Europe’s ‘Long War’

Source: The Daily Bell

Central Bank trickery without real reform … ‘There needs to be a certain credibility,” said Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, as he launched outright eurozone quantitative easing on Thursday. 287 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

ECB Shock and Awe

European quantitative easing (QE) is set to start with a bang rather a whimper, a fact that will be well received by investors. The Eurozone was in need of shock and awe tactics from the ECB to combat the prospect of a prolonged period of deflation, and Draghi has finally delivered on his promise to do “whatever it takes”. 145 more words


LaRouche Hails Stunning Greek Electoral Repudiation of Troika

“Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.”Solon of Athens

The results of Sunday’s Greek elections, in which Syriza won a near-landslide victory and will form a new government with Independent Greeks and other parties, was a stunning and powerful repudiation of the murderous austerity policies imposed on Greece by the Troika. 1,035 more words

Stopping WW III

De afleiding van de ECB QE: een rijken nog rijker agenda!

Deflatie zet door, de financiële sector nog groter, de fysieke economie blijft krimpen

Draghi zijn smoes voor € 1,14 biljoen is deflatie bestrijden. Deflatie kan alleen bestreden worden met geldinjecties in de fysieke economie. 162 more words

Weekend Charts: Uncharted Territory

Wow. We really do live in unprecedented times. It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another thing to actually do it. Mario came through. Big time. 1,092 more words


Quotes & Links #29

1) nytimes.com: Helping the Poor in Education: The Power of a Simple Nudge

Why aren’t schools, districts and states rushing to set up these measures? Maybe because the programs have no natural constituency.

442 more words
Quotes & Links Absurd

GEOPOLITICS: Greece, Tsipras, Draghi, Putin, and the Antidollar

ND Rally: Samaras in final passion play, sorry, plea

The bandwagon effect taking place in Greece looks set to deliver leftist Party Syriza a victory by 6-7% of the popular vote….but the ECB says the country is an ECB leper. 713 more words