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A Dwarf is a Dwarf is a Dwarf

When I first started playing Dragon Age: Origins a couple of my kids thought I was playing LotRO. There are quite a few similarities between the two games but I have to say, the ones that stand out the most for me are centered around the Dwarves. 288 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Tactics, Fade-wielding, and Stealth

(ED note: Welcome Jarrad to the OXCGN fold. He dissects a recent Q&A from Bioware’s Twitter regarding their latest entry into the Dragon Age franchise). 682 more words

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The Gamesmen, Episode 32 - Rerouting Disney

Join¬† Hardlydan,¬†Amras89, and Djleeroy85 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about The Walking Dead finale, Elder Scrolls Online loyalty program, the free Wii… 119 more words

The Gamesmen

Taking advice from a game character

(May contain spoilers as I’m going to talk about Wynne and her back story that leads to her personal quest)

I was playing Dragon Age: Origins yesterday and finally gained enough approval from Wynne for her to tell me her story. 387 more words


Bioware's Next game 'Shadow Realms' a 4vs1 MMO.

BioWare has revealed an all-new game in development at its Austin studio: Shadow Realms, a novel online RPG with a modern fantasy setting. It’s coming to PC in late 2015 – no other formats were mentioned. 478 more words


Dragon Age Origins: I think I'm missing ... a lot

I was all set to do a post bragging about getting Shale, a golem companion. I did a quick Google to double-check and make sure his name was Shale and found a list of companions you get in the game. 341 more words


Dragon Age Origins: I killed Captain Janeway!

I thought The Guantlet was going to be something I died in repeatedly, thinking it was full of boss like mobs and timed puzzle like obstacles in order to finish and gain a key or something to take me on the next part of my journey to find the ashes of Andraste. 372 more words