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Did I Do That? Part 5

I have to say, I am kind of glad to start writing more often for the next month. This game is so expansive, I have trouble getting all of my thoughts into one post. 1,008 more words

Customização: o incômodo ato de criação dx outrx

Hey ho!

De uns anos pra cá tem sido bem comum a customização dos personagens principais em jogos de RPG. Tal qual ocorre quando fazemos a ficha dos jogadores pra uma sessão de Gurps, Vampiro, D&D e afins, no começo de Dragon Age podemos escolher determinadas classes e habilidades do nosso avatar principal. 811 more words

Dragon Age

Dragon Age, part 5

As always, this post will contain spoilers. It’s also going to be short, because while I finished a major quest I actually started it well before I started this blog. 495 more words


Did I Do That? Part 4

So it might have taken roughly fifteen hours, but I have finally reached the real start to the game and the story.

After Morrigan the mage–a witch from the wilds, an apostate–joins your party, you set off to try to get help to defeat the archdemon and the darkspawn. 937 more words

DAO: Companions

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Did the Warden return Sten’s sword to him?

Did the Warden recruit Wynne? 53 more words

Da Keep