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DAI Inquisitor's Log: First Impressions & Prologues

The release of Dragon Age: Inquisition has come and gone and most of us has already dove in, head first, into the game. If you’ve been following my video game challenges on this blog, you’ll know I’ve given myself the ultimate… 1,984 more words

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Dragon Age, part 10

Big news today! I finished Dragon Age last night. I was too tired to update last night though, so you get an update now!

I guess I was already pretty close to finishing the game after the last time I stopped playing, but I didn’t know that. 356 more words

Game Progress

Did I Do That? The FINALLY Finale

So maybe you noticed my hiatus the last few days. Or maybe you didn’t and this post is a welcome surprise. Who knows? But I, the prodigal blogger who breaks promises, is back with exciting news. 805 more words

Fantasy Round 30: Dragon Age Origins

One of the things that has been heavily eating into my free time for the last… months, is the game Dragon Age: Origins.  I managed to get a copy free, largely because Bioware is heavily promoting the sequel, Dragon Age: Inquisition. 775 more words

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Game Review: Dragon Age II (2011)

With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out today in Australia, I’ve decided to review the Dragon Age games so far. Dragon Age: Origins pulled me into the Dragon Age world, so it was only natural that I decided to play Dragon Age II. 682 more words


Setting Up for Dragon Age: Inquisition

I know there’s been a lot of excitement over the new Qunari character option, but I still wanted to go with my usual female elf mage on first playthrough. 361 more words