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2. A Dragon Age: Origins PC Review: Part 1

So, I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. I KNOW, it was released 5 years ago, and there have been a few new Dragon Age releases since, but I’M BUSY. 631 more words


My Sister's Blind Playthrough of 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Is Hilarious & Enlightening

Now, as everyone knows at this point, I’ve been on a pretty serious Dragon Age binge, revisiting Origins for some much-needed nostalgia and waxing poetic over my… 1,113 more words

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Why I love Thedas and Dragon Age So Much....

…Or, How A Video Game Got Me Through A Break Up

In October 2010, my world sort of fell out from beneath me, literally overnight. On Friday, everything was right in my world, and I was happy. 541 more words


Some thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition

The first time I attempt to kill a High Dragon is in the Hinterlands. I get my arse kicked by a single fireball.

I’d been flitting across the mountains, gathering Elfroots and Iron like they’re the most precious resources in the world. 1,672 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition Review: Dawn of A New Age

Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best RPGs of the last generation. Bioware looked back to its Baulder’s Gate roots and crafted a new world. 2,670 more words