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Did I Do That? Part 3

Better known as the blog where we rename bosses to better make jokes, i.e. orc=ogre.

Yesterday I took my first sick day from work and my first sick day from my blogs. 524 more words

Old Friends

The main thing I remember about the review that led me to purchase DAO was the mention of the companions who would join your party and how fun the party banter was. 618 more words


Dragon Age: Origins - Part 1

For a bit of a change on the computer game front I thought I’d play through Dragon Age: Origins again, what with a new one coming out and also the fact that a woman cannot live on Neverwinter Nights alone. 2,562 more words


Did I Do That? Part 2

Or better known as the prequel to Orcs Must DieOrcs Can’t Die.

So far I’m convinced that everyone I come into contact with is going to die. 620 more words

Dragon Age, part 4

As always, this post may contain spoilers.

I know I said I would post on Sunday, but I ended up playing until late into the night and was too tired to write. 422 more words



Hurrah, another blog post that is essentially about nothing. Obviously, besides normal routines of barely having a life, my me-times are nothing grand. Far from it. 653 more words

Random Kicks

Canon Run

Since the thing I love so much about Dragon Age is the opportunity to create multiple unique stories out of one broad storyline, it may seem odd that I have what I refer to as a perfect ‘canon’ run. 501 more words