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The Dragon, the Mouse, and Dictation for All

It’s soapbox time. I think some people might have the perception that speech recognition software is just for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome or some other kind of injury or limitation. 300 more words

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There is a new animal in the menagerie that is my life. Alongside the mouse and the octopus I now have a dragon. This dragon is not actually within me, but should over time, become an integral part of me. 434 more words

The Dragon and the Mouse at Work

I started a new job this week! I’m excited to report that I’m now working as an instructional consultant for TAs with Duquesne University’s Center for Teaching Excellence. 512 more words

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Enter the Dragon

I’ve discovered there is a strong disconnect in my brain between typing and talking.

If you’re a fan of old movies as I am, you will have no doubt viewed a scene were a boss, (always a man, of course) is sitting back dictating something to a secretary, (always a woman, of course) and what you would have seen was someone thinking about what they were saying, probably gazing off into the distance while they were talking, because forming your words as you talk is not as easy as it sounds. 418 more words

The Dragon, the Mouse, and Losing My Voice

This week’s post is going to be rather brief. I don’t know if what I have is actually called laryngitis but I’m definitely losing my voice and my throat hurts. 225 more words

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The Crash

The crash.

The last few days have been extremely crazy. I continued to have growing pains with my computer as it attempted to settle down into its new status. 1,107 more words

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The Dragon, the Mouse, and Privacy

Like most people, I need a certain level of privacy. It wasn’t until I started dictating that I realized just how much I value privacy in terms of my writing. 616 more words

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