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The Dragon, the Mouse, and Listening While You Write

This week I’m borrowing an idea from a fellow blogger. I just read a post by John (at his blog “All things books, all the time”) in which he answered the question, “what do you listen to while you write?” You can read John’s post… 266 more words

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The Dragon, the Mouse, and Tax Day

I don’t have anything terribly intellectual to offer this week.  My mind is tired after a long day of tax preparation, and so I thought I would write about the thing that occupied me most in the past 24 hours. 537 more words

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The Dragon, the Mouse, and the Interrupted Writer, Part 2

Formatting commands. Both a blessing and a bane, these brief and sometimes strange voice commands allow me to properly capitalize and punctuate the content I dictate. 579 more words

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How to Transcribe

I don’t have time for this post, mostly because I have about a dozen interview transcripts I need to create.  But it is the perfect opportunity to talk about transcribing using Dragon NaturallySpeaking v 12 (DNSv12)  as well as different techniques for creating transcripts.  1,052 more words


The Dragon, the Mouse, and the Interrupted Writer: Part 1

Until a person actually relies on dictation software, it’s hard to imagine why a 500 word blog post might take two hours to compose and publish rather than one, or why sometimes it’s just not possible to write more than five pages or less of the dissertation in a day. 584 more words

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The Dragon and the Mouse, out on the Town

I just spent the weekend in New York City for a conference and so I thought this might be a good time to write about writing/dictating in public spaces. 678 more words

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A dozen must-have programs for translators: how to move them to a new computer

My 3-year old laptop has been getting very slow and unstable in the last few months and so I decided it was time for a new work machine. 1,204 more words

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