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Farming Gold in Dragon Nest

Getting Geared

Once you hit lvl 70, you need to get geared.  To buy the best equipment, you need gold, and you need lots of it.  254 more words

Dragon Nest

[Full Skill Names] Asta/Lencea: Piercer

This is a new updated version of the skill description. Some has been removed like Flow Maker and Flip Dive. Some of the self buffs are now switched to party buffs and they are pretty OP. 673 more words


Screamer Balance

Yes. Many players are really pissed with what Eyedentity has done with the Screamer Revamp by pushing them all the way back but seems like Eyedentity could actually change its mind about the revamp. 1,021 more words

Dragon Nest SEA

25/6/2014 KDN Patch Notesl

KDN has once again updated it’s client but the Screamer revamp has been pushed back once more like how long has it been? Since May they have said about it but time after time they just push it back due to stupid reasons, this is why more players hate Eyedentity. 635 more words


Big Bang Conference

Shanda just held a conference yesterday night and this is a summary of what had happened. Most of the stuff has been talked about and this is like just some of the recap and a bit more other stuff on what they are actually going to do in the coming months. 971 more words


[Translated] 11/6/2014 KDN Patch Notes

Patch Notes for the pictures have finally been translated! A lot more is not translated as Duowan players did not do them so I shall also stop here. 65 more words

Dragon Nest SEA