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How 13 years changed the language and culture of Dragon Quest games

Since Square Enix released Dragon Quest VII for 3DS in Japan last year, fans have been waiting not so patiently for the classic role-playing game to reach our shores … along with other recent titles, like Dragon Quest X. 896 more words


Growing Up An Introvert

“You always played so well by yourself as a child.” – my Mom

Have your parents ever said this to you? I am frequently reminded that my parents would forget that I existed as a child because I would play with toys in my bedroom with the door shut where nobody else could ruin my world. 287 more words


Dragon Quest Limited Edition PS4

Square Enix along with Sony Computer Entertainment are collaborating to release a silver ‘Dragon Quest Metal Slime’ PlayStation 4 as of now exclusively in Japan. It is possible to obtain and use one through import since it is region-free. 86 more words


Live Stream Dragon Quest : Heroes di NicoNico

Dragon Quest : Heroes, game Dragon Quest terbaru yang akan menjadi pembuka Dragon Quest di konsol current gen, PlayStation 4, akan melakukan Live Streamnya akhir bulan ini. 7 more words

RPG Come Up: Dragon Quest V

Walked into Gamestop today and they had a copy of Dragon Quest V for the Nintendo DS on display. I’m a fan of the series,  and though this game released for the DS quite a few years ago I never got around to picking up a copy. 42 more words

Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest II Akan Hadir di Smartphone

Dragon Quest II Akan segera hadir untuk iOS, menyusul perilisan Dragon Quest I untuk iOS dan Android, kini Dragon Quest II akan muncul untuk App store Amerika. 6 more words