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Channeling My Inner Superhero

I’m still training my Dragon voice-recognition software. It’s become a mental contest now between me and the little guy (or gal) who lives in my computer. 351 more words


Slaying This Dragon

Bill and I have finished Step 1 and 1/2 of the installation process for my Dragon voice-activated typing program. The reason it is not fully operational yet is because it dawned on me half-way through the voice-recognition part of tailoring the software to my voice, that I am recovering from a cold and my voice has the huskiness of a sex goddess. 388 more words


My Writing Week: Dragons, Walls, and Battle Plans

No, my writing week hasn’t revolved around Game of Thrones. But I have found out about some handy software, updated my travel blog, and have nailed down a release date for… 882 more words