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More Heavensward! (and ideas... kekekeke. Warning, mild rant post follows)

No real updates on Dragon Soul right now – I haven’t been writing really, and I’m oddly stuck on a couple of transitions and giving Toothless a Dravanian voice while he’s really, really upset about how he can’t fly and is likely going to die, and he’s sitting there shouting this all at poor Hiccup who’s sitting terrified on a ledge and about to have his first Echo vison.  134 more words


Chapter 4 of Dragon Soul is up!

Woo, next chapter!

Again, deliberate mirroring of some events and dialogue from the film, but definitely quite different actual events, given that there are no captive dragons.  141 more words


Writing Update 12/2/2014

Holy crap.  December???

I’m still super excited about Dragon Soul.  I know I know, there are several other stories I’m supposed to be working on… but I’m so excited about this one… 812 more words


Commentary for Dragon Soul Chapter 4

Commentary!  Since I tend to skip around a lot while writing, there are tons of comments down here from future chapters and my plotting.  Kekekekekeke.  Plotting.  825 more words


Chapter 3 of Dragon Soul Up!

Teehee!  I was excited.  Plus… moral dilemmas!  It’s quite a bit shorter than the last chapter, but that’s okay… plenty of stuff happens.

And… yes… those Final Fantasy XIV players should be fully aware of when this part of the story takes place by the end of the chapter… mwahahahahaha…

Dragon Soul: Chapter 3 – Heretic


Chapter Commentary for Dragon Soul Chapter 3

Here’s the commentary for Chapter 3!  Again, it’s fun because I’m intentionally mirroring the movie, but with a FFXIV flair.  Also, fatherly Stoick is rather fun to write.  657 more words


Commentary for Dragon Soul Chapter 2

If I’m doing this for other stories, I can do this for this one too!!  >:|

Note, because this is a crossover, several comments reference a lot of knowledge and potential in-jokes related to both fandoms.  446 more words