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Devil's Eyes

I’m falling from ground level
But impact hurts the same,
I’m searching the brain for the name of the game
But I’m lost in the eyes of the devil, 175 more words


Write what you know

They say, “Write what you know”,  but let’s face it, how many werewolves live in Yorkshire? Not many—that I know of. My first book, To Wed A Werewolf,  is set almost entirely in our world. 728 more words

Amber Sparks and Electric Literature ask me about "Low brow entertainment"

Amber Sparks is one of my favorite writers around and I was so happy when she asked me what some of my low brow entertainment influences are from gaming to comics to infamous B-movies. 66 more words


The Last Dragon 1985 Taimak Vanity Cult Movie Showcase

In tonight’s special Back to the 80s edition of Talkin’ Movies, Pick of the Flicks host Tony Douglas takes a look at the 1985 cult classic The Last Dragon st…
by Internet Archive Book Images

chapter seven: in-between reality and dreamland

The Adventures of Lilly
Book Two – A China Escape

Immediately Lilly set to work unpacking her suitcase. Emmy helped her while “ooohing” and “aaahing” at several items. 901 more words


How you can donate and help us...

To donate you can simply text a donation! Text JFKF70 with a space at the end and the amount you wish to donate!! Donations of up to £10 by text! 50 more words

The only thing we have to fear...

…is fear itself.

It’s a famous quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural speech and most of us have heard it at some point or another. The truth is, I never really understood this quote. 726 more words

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