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Mechanical Menagerie: Dragons

Ever since watching the campy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes I have been thinking about mechanical dragons. I have been sitting on a photo of the new mechanized Malificent-as-a-dragon from Disney’s parade for months, so I went out and scoured the interwebs for some more scaly Steampunk friends to join her. 6 more words


The Dragon pt 2

They soared through the clouds together, dragon and rider bound by the thrill of freedom pulsing through their veins. The trees, caressed by the yellow light of the morning sun blurred beneath Aodhfinn’s wings; wings which had been bound for almost a hundred years. 175 more words


The Dragon pt 1

In the darkness of the night, Zenaida made like a thief toward the cavern under the sea. The moon was shrouded behind a swathe of clouds. 80 more words

Flash Fiction

Photography 101 - swarming snow and landscape at dusk

Finishing up week 3 of Photography 101 means covering two themes: swarm and landscape.

The swarm theme needed to show movement and multiples of something. 212 more words