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Thundar, the Elder of Wind and Storm

Thundar (Thun-Dar) is the swiftest and the fastest of the Elder Dragons. His wind and storm elements allow him to easily blur in and out of existence and charge like a lightening bolt. 278 more words


Why the Tyranny of Dragons is a Bad Story... and How to Fix It

This is a draft. It may change as I find better ways to express something, or add/remove ideas.

Why The Tyranny of Dragons is a Bad Story… 7,369 more words


A Poem_ Wounds so deep they touch my core

So I been going thru lots of positive change. ..trying to catch up on homework. .uggg college. So great fun bit lots of typing. .ouch… 300 more words

Gabriel’s Poem

Over the ocean of time, in the ancient days, the truth is spoken.

Heard clearly in the temple’s halls, but lost among the grains of sand. 47 more words



Why is it that some chapters are so much more difficult to write than others? And why is it that when a chapter like that comes along I never feel prepared for it? 437 more words


16 Sleeping Beauty

Well Sleeping Beauty definitely lives up to it’s name. I’m going to be honest. I nodded off a couple of times during the movie. Guys, this is not the best Disney Princess movie. 1,370 more words