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"There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature." ~ Aristotle

“Indeed, because of their sensitivity to water and habitat quality, dragonflies are frequently used to assess environmental health… “If they disappear you’ve got something wrong with your habitat,” says Clausnitzer.
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Ecosystem v2

There are dragonflies

In my earliest memories

There are no clever thoughts

No grand ambitions

Only their loud hum

In the heat of summer

The taste of sweat… 194 more words


Kite Heaven

Big open fields swarming with all manner of tasty bugs…Tram Road Holding Ponds in Tallahassee fits the bill.


Finally, some signs of Spring

Spring has been pretty slow around here.  Finally, a sure sign that it is here has shown up though.  The first crocus of the year has shown up in our yard. 92 more words


Dragonflies, Part 2

Dragonflies are very noticeable in any environment where they live. They’re big compared to other bugs. They’re fast and acrobatic flyers. So it’s no surprised that dragonflies are a part of legend and myth. 489 more words


Mosquito Time

Surprisingly , even though it is quite warm in the swamp during the winter, bugs aren’t really an issue.  However , that  always seem to dramatically change in April.  64 more words