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Recently: “Men, Women & Children”

Some films, no matter how well intentioned, miss the mark on so many levels. They’re meant to have a purpose beyond just being entertaining, but never fully get there as even the simple and expected elements don’t actually exist. 1,945 more words


Review: Appropriate Behavior, 2015, dir. Desiree Akhavan

“The delightful byproduct of living in a post-Girls pop-culture-verse is that even if you don’t care for Lena Dunham, or if you find her creative output too preciously self-effacing (or self-aware, or self-interested, or any other self- adjective you can muster), her influence is likely to inspire other media that… 48 more words


On Second Thought: “Million Dollar Baby”

Some films aren’t just entertaining bits of fluff. They’re deeply emotional films. They inspire and move us in way’s least expected. They’re never just meant to be watched. 1,571 more words


10 Years: “The Aviator”

Some modern films that have run times beyond the standard time can’t make it. They’re bogged down by too much story and not an adequate pacing. 1,457 more words


On Second Thought: “Cleopatra (1963)”

The classic film… screw it, I’m skipping this part. I don’t see the need to devote myself more than I’m already going to, which is too much as is. 1,086 more words



A review for the film FOXCATCHER featuring Steve Carell, Channing tatum and Mark Ruffalo giving great performances…

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At First Glance: “Still Alice”

Some films you hear about over and over again, but never see anything of them. These films, typically, especially during early Fall into early Winter, are said to be awards favorites. 874 more words