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A review for the film FOXCATCHER featuring Steve Carell, Channing tatum and Mark Ruffalo giving great performances…

2014 Movies

At First Glance: “Still Alice”

Some films you hear about over and over again, but never see anything of them. These films, typically, especially during early Fall into early Winter, are said to be awards favorites. 874 more words


Recently: “Saving Mr. Banks”

The biopic isn’t new for Disney, but most never seem to be all that interesting. Each tries to be almost magical and inspiring, but really, are just dramatic tales about someone, or something you’ve never heard of. 1,233 more words


On Second Thought: “Hannibal”

When you watch a film the first time, you’ll either love it, hate it, or be somewhat indifferent towards it. Sometimes it’s just because you’re not entirely certain it really is a flat out bad film. 1,067 more words


10 Years: “Closer”

The movie adaptation of a play is an interesting type of film. It’s different from a book adaptation, but still requires a lot of work, even if the script seems more or less written. 772 more words


Recently: "Belle"

The historical biopic is a tricky film to successfully create. If you’ve picked a subject that’s well known, then the information that will be covered is already well known and may not make for interesting storylines in the film. 1,391 more words


At First Glance: “Cinderella (2015)”

With the need for Disney to do live action versions of some of its most iconic films, it’s tough to know where to stand. Some may have enjoyed the mess that was “Alice in Wonderland (2010)”, while others, not so much. 936 more words