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Warna Warni Hidup: Merah


Bagi Papa, merah itu adalah warna keberanian. Seperti warna bendera kita. Seperti warna laptop Acer Ferrari yang selalu Papa gunakan di rumah. Papa yang mengajarkanku menggunakan laptop, mengetik sebelas jari, memasukkan angka-angka ke dalam Microsoft Excel. 1,281 more words


Movie Review: In Bruges (2008)

British people…I love you guys. You are both awesome and weird at the same time. First, your different dialects sound so odd and just great. My favorite accent from you guys is honestly Scottish. 719 more words

Locke: Review

In the opening moments of Locke, viewers could be forgiven for thinking they are watching an extended BMW advert. The vehicle badge is captured no less than four times in the first few minutes and this film, that is essentially a 90 minute car journey, feels like a daunting prospect. 543 more words

Film Reviews

If you liked Fargo...

With the television spin-off of the Coen Brothers’ Fargo airing on Channel 4 over the bank holiday weekend, it has got us thinking about the iconic 1996  pan-generic  darkly comedic crime-thriller once more. 490 more words


Quiz Show (1994)

Director: Robert Redford

Writer: Paul Attanasio (Screenplay) Richard N Goodwin (Novel)

Starring: John Turturro, Rob Morrow, Ralph Fiennes, Paul Scofield, David Paymer, Hank Azaria, Christopher McDonald… 578 more words


Edited excerpt from Chapter 16.

You definitely deserve a longer excerpt this time! I love the holidays as they give me a chance to sit and focus on my work. Sometimes during the week it’s tricky to write, if you’re tired, or your mind is full of other things. 698 more words

Am I Like My Mother?

Day after day, life was passing him by and still, there was no change in his life.

He sat at the footstool of everyone that came across his pathway. 384 more words

Antoinette Hayes