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A-Ko - Girl A

The doctors call me A-ko. Girl A. This is not the name my mother gave to me; the name she gave to me died with her. 840 more words


Adorably askew and zestily zany, Frank is a odd, offbeat, oddball surprise; a functioning, charmingly honest fable of artistic angst and aspiration; and a funny tale with an underlying layer of deep melancholy about the fragility of art and the human psyche. 473 more words


"Why Is There A Smoke Detector In My Bedroom?" Residents of Burned Down Apartment Complex Demand Answers

In August of 2013, Oscar Ozell, 23, was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about the day he had – his startup had won a thousand dollar pitch contest. 512 more words


Whip It (2009)

Ellen Page is reason enough for me to sit down with a movie, I love love love her. She kind of reminds me a bit of a young Janeane Garofalo, who I also adore. 279 more words


Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama


Quick Review: A loud Outdoor Drama telling the life and troubles of the great Tecumseh.

Some consider Tecumseh to be the greatest Shawnee leader ever to have lived. 504 more words

Local Landscape

CH66- Katherine Medici

Chapter Sixty-Six

Katherine Medici

-Saints Versus Sinners-

As I enter the study of present Pope Geraldi I make a courtesy to the CsarĀ of Russia, Nicolas Romanev. 121 more words