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mr. right wanted drops 5-minute teaser

It’s all Sonia Sui in Mr. Right Wanted. She herself mentioned in an interview that she never chalked up so many scenes before in a single drama. 152 more words


Plus Nine Boys - Week 3

We’re now in full swing of the boys’ love lives, which makes me think: is the curse a hoax, and just a coincidence, because hey, sucky love life happens any time. 1,014 more words


A love to kill

A love to kill is a story about two main characters the first is a beautiful lady had much pain during her childhood and teenage named Lee Ha Na she’s from Seoul Korea :she is a successful pro-filer and smart Psychiatrist in SOUL “the jail clinic”.her mom was a dancer in clubs and very poor but she was and still very beautiful and sexy and lee ha na for sure is her mom’s little daughter her name is park ma ri , she has not luck with men they where all losers ,mean and have problems with addiction one day a cute man, a loyal customer to the club where park ma ri  dance saw her and fall in love with her at first sight ,that handsome man ‘s name is cha joon go he was a rich spoiled boy and adored park ma ri to death however she didn’t she have always  hated rich people and he was a terrible stalker he wanted her for himself  but she refused to be a hidden mistress because his dad hated and refused the idea of being them together or their marriage ,then one day a rainy cloudy day he came and raped her in a mysterious circumstance why where when… all of it still  mysterious after that she disappeared and left the club and changed her home then she met a man he was a loser singer a rock singer addicted to drugs young girls and of course alcohol but once he met park ma ri in a bar where she was a newly waitress quickly fall in love with her beauty “well she was a beauty queen we can’t blame the man” and she strangely loved him back even he was that bad boy may be she secretly that man was her type lool well definitely he was and they get married  .His name is ah song jo after a while she had a baby a cute girl named her lee ha na but she didn’t love her much in a strange way she treated her harshly and bad and ah song jo never treated her like his daughter and every one was sure that he is her step dad cauz her mom cheated him with is best friend and a member in ah song jo’s band when he was in the jail and ma ri didn’t denial that and told every body that lee ha na’s dad was lee ji youn she revealed this truth when he died at then she was beaten by her  husband  harshly also he hit her poor kid and that  her painful scars.In the other side there is kim jin woo was a cap then a an excellent detective he called the big Ben by his colleagues because he is tall ,big yells all the time but punctual always on the time  a human  legend he was an orphan boy his mom died in a car accident and his dad Committed suicide he like going to Church  pray   and visit his noona she was an orphan girl in the same Orphanage she became a sister in the church . 44 more words

What Happens to My Family - Week 3

Imma do really weecaps + review (minimal writing, more screencaps) for this weekender. Some scenes are too hilarious not to be shared.

Dal Bong, Seo Wool, Eun Ho… 505 more words



Over the summer, I received a request from one ardent Cinema Sips reader for more movies starring Cher. This is somewhat of a tall order, considering that the queen diva rarely does film work. 710 more words


she's so lovable holds press conference [long trailer added]

I have no idea why the cast looked so tickled in almost every photo since I kinda only skimmed through the press conference. Krystal came dressed in character (that looks like her waitress outfit) while Rain looked cosy? 234 more words