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What Happens to My Family - Week 6

Kang Shim and Tae Joo

Tae Joo overheard Chairman Dad thanking Kang Shim for helping him solve the problem of Tae Joo being reluctant about the impending wedding, and Tae Joo felt betrayed. 959 more words


"Liar Game" started off on the right foot

“Liar Game” has started off on the right foot setting the scene for an intriguing 10 episodes ahead of lies, deception and tricks to win the game show and prize money of 10 billion WON. 317 more words

Lee Sang Yoon

Recap & Thoughts on tvN's Liar Game ep 2

Not as good as the first episode, but not as bad as I thought it would be.


Professor Ha leaves prison and Da Jung is there waiting for him. 1,198 more words


boysitter looks potentially good...

The cast of upcoming Taiwanese drama, Boysitter, is fairly foreign to me though I know who Annie Chen is. But it’s the first time I’m hearing and seeing her male co-stars, River Huang and Melvin Sia. 213 more words


FURY (2014) - Brutal War Tale Does Its Job

Movie Review:  FURY (2014)


Michael Arruda


If there’s one message in FURY (2014), the new World War II action movie starring Brad Pitt, it’s that war is a hell that just won’t quit.  1,157 more words

to trust or not to trust?

Anyone watching Liar Game? I am and it isn’t too bad. Though strangely, I don’t find Lee Sang Yoon all that convincing as a sinister swindler. 375 more words


Bad Guys: The Redeemer

Apologies to my favourite crime author, Jo Nesbo, for stealing his title. I’d actually wanted to name this article as “The Pastor” , but in view that I may offend some people, decided to re-name it. 657 more words