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birth of a beauty holds press conference

Upcoming SBS weekend drama Birth Of A Beauty held its press conference earlier today and I think Wang Ji Hye and Joo Sang Wook stole the limelight from the main OTP pairing. 129 more words


Bad Guys: Blurred Lines

The theme of corruption in the police force is a common one in crime thrillers. After all, policemen (and women) are humans too…and humans are fallible. 664 more words


Doctor X-3 ep 3 (jdrama)

The episode starts with Daimon-sensei is working her team to the bones as she continues doing surgery after surgery. The male doctors watch from above. At first, they’re amazed by her speed and quick wits in order to find the solution, but soon they start talking about the nurses and their nurse biases. 743 more words


tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 4 - what went wrong?

One of the best things about this Liar Game adaptation is that it comes on twice a week. I watched episode 3 yesterday, so now it’s time for episode 4. 1,425 more words


when love comes to my little star

One of the things I’m most grateful for with regard to this blog is readers generously sharing news/updates about celebrities/dramas that they know I love. Anyway, a dear reader recently notified me that Woo Hyun is singing one of the OSTs for… 135 more words


not wanted: love + marriage

Woman has an aversion to love. Man has an aversion to marriage. So what then??? Tae Joo’s “courtship” of Gang Shim comes to a screeching halt when faced with his dad’s astute questioning: 760 more words


Reset (ep9): Weecap

I spend the first half (or maybe 3/4) of this ep fervently wishing that Mob Boss Kim can juz do EVERYONE in. Ep9 for some reasons had our good guys suffer some serious common sense deficiencies. 1,619 more words