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Drama Festival - Swine Escape Part 1 (MBC, 2013)

This is a one act drama special from MBC late last year, which is where Park Ki Woong last appeared in any form of drama before his enlistment this year. 2,941 more words


park si yeon + no min woo tumble in bed

There aren’t many stills being released of The Greatest Marriage but snippets of a bed scene usually get viewers talking. In this case, it’s relevant because Park Si Yeon’s character is a single mother and we don’t know who’s the baby daddy yet. 81 more words


preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 14

Gosh. Man Ling gets betrayed yet again by her assistant. And this time both her reputation and her reconciliation with Cheng Wei are at stake. It’s yet another mountain to climb for our OTP but what I’m more curious about is whether their reality show will still continue as planned. 145 more words


The F Word (Called "What If" in the US)

Watched: Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rating: 3.5 stars

What I liked best: Unchallenging, predictable, rom-com good times done well.

What I liked least… 97 more words


It's over!

Honestamente, siempre he creído que hay que ceder un poco para que una relación funcione; pero ésta vez ya fue demasiado, por mi parte no habrá más mensajes, más llamadas o más intentos de dar señales de vida. 20 more words


my spring day bubbles forth more warmth in second teaser

I never thought I would ever describe Kam Woo Sung as cute but cute he is in the second teaser of My Spring Day. The OTP cuddle up for a nap in the sun and it’s so adorable in a very adult way? 135 more words


she's so lovable unveils heart-tugging second teaser

OMO. Love the bittersweet tune playing in the background. And the cinematography is so dreamy and light. Rain emotes with simmering sexy maturity and I like Krystal’s fleeting amused smile at the end. 86 more words