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Temptation - Half-time Comments

At the halfway mark of Show now, I still can’t get Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun). I think she’s definitely got a victim mindset, and she also definitely has alot of self-pity. 663 more words


Fall In Love With Me (2014)

What was it about?
A CEO guy (Aaron Yan) wanted to find inspiration for advertising again and so he takes a break from the company and doesnt it sound boring already? 342 more words


{First Reaction} The Three Musketeers: Episode 1

I came for Jung Young Hwa but stayed for EVERYTHING. The first episode of The Three Musketeers was amazeballs. It certainly outdid my low to mid range expectations. 312 more words


{Thoughts} Hi! School- Love On ~Episode 5~

May Contain Spoilers

Episode 5 finds our resident angel and friends dealing with matters of the heart and some finding where their heart actually lies. I was all giddy during this episode :) 581 more words


Top 10 TV Theme Songs Of All Time!

Most refer to Baseball as “America’s Favorite Pastime.” However, I beg to differ. Despite the romanticized appeal of hitting the diamond for physical activity, the truth is that many Americans spend their leisure time doing something more sedentary. 251 more words


Review of God's Quiz 4

One word to describe it — meh. It’s not the BEST of the installments, but it’s not tentative like GQ1 or plain boring like GQ2… 693 more words


Three Musketeers: Sageuk for non-sageuk lovers

You probably know I hate sageuks, cos I can’t stand the convoluted way those characters speak…and the story is usually about palace intrigue. *yawns* I tried watching the supernatural sageuk — … 1,609 more words