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Communication Station: Dramaturgy

First off, you might as what is dramaturgy? Well, dramaturgy simply means that it views that social life as essentially a theatrical performance, or metaphor. It is mainly a variant of symbolic interactionism. 451 more words

The Truck as an 'Offstage Character'

Excerpted from Toni Morrison’s introduction to The Piano Lesson

“This truck full of watermelons is not just the play’s mobility–it is also a kind of offstage character with its own colorful personality and multiple roles. 238 more words

August Wilson

The value of staged readings vs static readings

Last night we opened the Left Out Festival with a staged reading of Michelle Ramoni’s play “No River Between Us”. The play was beautifully written, directed and cast (I get to play the plum role of Bonnie, too. 284 more words

Teenager's Scare the **** Outta Me (Even though I was just one)

Teenagers. Punk rock pink Mohawks, black clothes, piercings galore. Baggy jeans, skintight tops, bright red lips. Students, dropouts, motorheads, gang members, daughters and sons. Yeah, I blame you for being scared of them. 387 more words

We Are All Drama Queens (And Kings)

A famous poet once said that all the world is but a stage, and all us men and women merely players. When on stage, we do our best to convince the audience that we… 423 more words

Ultimately Wilson becomes a myth maker, recasting the amber past in the crucible of his memory. The products of his alchemy are plays that, as their characters make decisions in the light of the hard-earned lessons of their ancestors, point to the future.

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August Wilson