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#DramatizeThis! Writing Prompt

So, I’m visiting the local grocery store, and I’m stopped in my tracks by this image: two six-foot-long tables heaped with Halloween candy, placed directly in front of the Diabetes Center. I invite you to #DramatizeThis!

Anne Hamilton

Iago Speaks reading scheduled!

As part of the development process for Iago Speaks, an informal reading of the second draft has been scheduled for Sunday, October 26th.

Canadian Theatre

Words and Symbols: Not Just Decorative

Theatre is storytelling. A large part of that job is understanding how various aspects of your story, visual, aural, linguistic, etc– will affect your audience. You’ll never be 100% accurate, of course, but it’s your job to have a basic working knowledge and understanding of the way words and symbols are interpreted by the culture in which you’re staging your work. 1,665 more words


Butler, J. 1993. "Introduction." Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of 'Sex'.

Butler, Judith. 1993. “Introduction.” Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of ‘Sex’. New York: Routledge.

Materiality of the body’s relationship to performativity of gender? How does sex figure into this relationship? 850 more words

Countdown To Quals

Hatred of the “Other”

In the past few months, I and my fellow cast members have been exercising not only our acting but our moral chops, as we work on a 60-minute version of The Merchant of Venice, adapted and directed by Dikran Tulaine. 735 more words


Protecting Racism in Theatre

Yes, I am still talking about this, despite some truly delightful comments and emails requesting that I stop draining all the fun out of life. (One woman, who said, and I quote, that she would like to punch me in the face, was relieved that I didn’t cast her local production of… 1,686 more words