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I can’t believe after I’ve just made this post about how last a/w I tried everything to avoid draping (and that included a black/white plaid poncho)  12 more words

The making of Daddy D's dress

Everything starts with an idea.

Sir Dan’s idea was basically the whole dress would be a blob that’s about to start reproduction. He didn’t actually say this to me of course, but that was how I understood the design. 322 more words

Minimalism and Zaid Affas

ZAID AFFAS – Winter 2014/2015 Collection Highlights

Zaid Affas is a British fashion designer currently situated in LA, in the United States. Having lived in cities around the globe, his work is a convergent mix of polarities; a dialogue between natural, organic shapes and crisp, urban engineering. 44 more words


Let's Talk About... Draping

Okay, so today is my birthday, and (I don’t know about you but…) I’m feeling 22!! The reason I’ve not been able to post this week is because I’ve been working/doing stuff to prep for my birthday/seeing friends/eating my weight in spinach (or maybe the last one was just a dream of mine!) Anyway, I’m going to send this post out unedited (eek) and so I’m just quickly putting it out while I have the post in my head! 259 more words

Ceiling Designs

Do you ever walk into a party and feel transported to another place?  Just changing a few details of a regular venue or even a tent, can drastically change the atmosphere of  the place.   87 more words

Slouching Around

Believe it or not, slouchy clothing has a place in this world. And no, it is not on the couch watching Netflix while polishing off a bag of Oreos (although I’ve certainly done that before). 245 more words

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