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KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg

10. If you are checkmated, you must drink the remaining beer in your king, the remaining beer

1. When you move a piece, you must take a sip from it. 302 more words

Irish Shepard's Pie

There is no better time for beer than NOW

Side note, tried may hand at making GIFs hahahahaha look below the cut! Just an editor-chef’s note, I’ll be on hiatus till mid-May, so if you’d like to be posted with bite sized pieces of my life, check out my instagram account at @poooooka (That’s 5 o’s just like my address of 5 s’!) Alternatively, hit the drop down menu at the top of the page for my feed (3 lines) :) Till then!

Cook Book

Don't worry, our planet won't collapse

The other day I watched ‘Don’t shoot the messenger – the idealists of Occupy’. In this documentary inhabitants of a tented protest camp in the centre of Amsterdam tell about their vision and motivation. 471 more words


Living Water 2: Our Daily Water

The year before I started Kindergarten, my parents and I moved from an apartment in the upstairs of my Gramma’s farm house to a small house in the neighboring town. 668 more words

Lent 2014

Clown King

Rating: 4.05

This one is a another new Brewdog beer for early 2014 and a beer that I have seen in a few bottle shops since its release but refrained from purchasing as I already have several ‘big beers’ in the cellar to work my way through, including another Brewdog barleywine called Shipwrecker Circus brewed as a collaboration with Oskar Blues from Colorado. 386 more words


Cloud 9 Wit

Rating: 3.6

Moving on to my seventeenth Danish beer now and what was only my second from the To Øl brewery whose beers seem to becoming a more common sight in the UK of late. 345 more words