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O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale

Rating: 3.95

Another of the beers I managed to try whilst in Dublin now, this one being my second from the Carlow Brewing Company based in the county of the same name. 399 more words


J.W. Sweetman Weiss

Rating: 3.8

I think this one was the first beer I had on my recent trip to Dublin, a pint on-tap at the J.W. Sweetman brewpub based in the city centre. 396 more words


The problematic relationship between small brewers and new restaurants

Starting a restaurant is a risky and expensive endeavour. In Toronto especially where there is a plethora of great places to eat and a handful of new places opening (and closing) every week, it’s exceedingly difficult for new restaurants to set themselves apart from the crowd and even if a new restaurant manages some modicum of success, it’s likely that for the first little while their profit margins will be razor thin. 1,870 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

Bare and happy.

The scanty settlements lay scattered all over the desert, occupied by meager populations of dark-skinned, malnourished children and muscular, angry (,aged for their age) men. The climate was dry, void of any precipitation (as well as all hope), the contaminated air carried with it sooty dust and glutinous feathers and stung in the nose all those who inhaled it, the people were an unappealing blend of weary and determined. 409 more words

Short Story

Madness IPA

Rating: 3.85

Now for my second review of a beer from The Wild Beer Co. based in Somerset, this one being the first from them that I’ve tried on-tap and follows on from the American pale ale… 462 more words


Bearface Lager

Rating: 3.35

Time for my second beer from Scotland’s newest brewery, Drygate. This one is their flagship pale lager and the first thing I should get out-of-the-way is that is a definite step up from… 539 more words


West Berlin

Rating: 2.75

My sixth beer from the local West brewery in Glasgow now, well my seventh if you count their Munich Red that I’ve tried on a number of occasions now but have yet to get around to reviewing properly one here. 434 more words