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Day 13: Drawing a Day

This took me almost 3 hours to do…so this kind of detail won’t be happening on a regular basis! But I am happy with it except that my portrait skills need a lot of work- in good time. 14 more words


Approaching the End

So, the semester is beginning to wrap up, and my production has slowed down dramatically. It’s sad. But there have been other things that needed to get done. 188 more words


A Sketch (and some other stuff)

I made this sketch this afternoon, because I had a ton of writing to do (I got behind my goal a few days ago) and my fingers got tired. 117 more words


Day 12: Drawing a Day

I had to move to a larger sized sketchbook as my smaller one (chosen for the ease of fitting in my backpack to carry around) was getting too small for drawing full bodies. 20 more words