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Comic Experiment

Experimenting with storytelling through pictures, in a limited colour palette. The paper this is done on is actually this really cool vellum-esque paper, but it was bleached out through photographing.


Italian buildings

A photo of the screens I designed and painted for the Conran Shop’s recent italian themed displays.


Texture week 3

This week we continued with texture but this time without the source material. Instead we used words as a stimulus.

Below are the results of both groups work. 158 more words

Texture week 2

This week we continued working with the idea of texture. Again using the paper divided up into 9 small rectangles and using a table full of objects as sources of inspiration.. 43 more words

pretty in pink: work-in-progress

The fragmented collages and disconnection of drawings is representative of disparate personalities and ways of living. The repetitive patterns are an almost symbol of conformity — the crossing over of patterns, layering, and intermingling is to illustrate a reassurance that it is possible to stray from idealogical idea that society has for an individual. 164 more words


Dhaka Drawings: Self-portrait

A short trip to London and back again – to now launch our inaugural exhibition at the new Paraa studios in Dhaka.. It is quite a milestone for us. 133 more words



I continued my sketches. Some of them are A3 size. I think I should think more about that.  I am preferring my first sketch and work on further.