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Drawing No. 95 on Judas by Giovanni Barbieri o.i.ink, softpastel, gouache, acryl, scrap on paper 65 x 95 cm 2014

(©)Riedstra, the Netherlands, 2013

Art reflects its time, a primary source of information.

These drawings are study’s based on Renaissance paintings and refer to a historical concept. 121 more words


Boone Allen, 2014
(Slightly more finished version)



“Open wings embrace the skies. Folded are the wings of the lost who have died”
-Rohini James

By Rohini James
Copyright April 2014
All Rights Reserved


Picture Story: Subset (Revised)


A moist eyeball was staring at me from my left hand.

It had this green iris that turned the shade of lime when the light touched it. 733 more words


Juvia Lockser, The rain woman.

Juvia Lockser is an anime character from Fairy Tail, a popular anime. This is one of my favourite drawings I have done of an anime character as I am a beginner at drawing anime. 87 more words