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Figure Drawing: Live Models

I am in my second figure drawing course at UNF. We have had a total of three sittings with live models so far. I am working on proportion and shading in these drawings. 196 more words

Drawings & Sketches

Art: "I Emu" portrait of Henrietta. Graphite and pastels.

My neighbors out in the country have an Emu and her name is Henrietta. When they first got her they named her Henry because they thought she was a he until “he” laid an egg. 187 more words


Still life

Another drawing with marvelous resolution…

Originally, this was intended to be a ”translucent-object-study”… but it quickly decided to not be that, but instead become a ”Wuhu-you-want-to-draw-rather-abstract-objects-shapes-and-cracked-stone-plates?-Let’s-get-the-feast-started!”-project. 53 more words

Traditional Art

Assassin's Birds - Redefine the challenge of balancing

One could just climb a roof and not find himself in a situation of acute existential danger posed by the possibility¬† of falling of a marshmallow-roasting ballon… attached to an eagle”s back… 106 more words

Traditional Art

Sketchbook: Elfin Princess, work in progress...(-:

12/2/2014-Making progress.Here I’ve got more of an outline going on the cloak and have started a more detailed design on part of the hood and a little more shading and tone everywhere as well. 198 more words