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"Devil Duck Sighting!" by Richard F. Yates (& Hilarie Hughes)

Members of the Devil Duck Watch Society have discovered disturbing evidence that Devil Duck has been on the waddle at a northwest sporting event:

The night of this ballgame, seventeen people were found dead in the parking-lot, all drained of blood with numerous puncture marks on their bodies, but the deaths were labeled “an unfortunate accident” by the King County Sheriff’s Department at the time. 46 more words


10 Amazing Paintings and Drawings that Almost Look Real

Have you ever looked at a
painting or drawing and thought it could be real? This realistic art
technique that many artists use is called, Trompe-l’oeil, which means to deceive the eye. 160 more words

Reo Arc 05 ~Snow Paranoia Vacation~ ch 09-12

Snow Paranoia Vacation ch 09

You are famous, you must be there, some thread, news, article, promotion, preview, ad, whatever, something, somewhere, you must be there, a photo, a quote, a sign, an expression, an interview, something, somewhere, you telling that you are you, you telling that I am me, something, somewhere, there aint, anything, I have seen the same old stuff a thousand times, yet I cant see anything, am I blind in sickness? 4,538 more words