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A poem and a pencil drawing.

That was the summer our kite strings tanged up together.


The one that dragged me through the years and one hundred thistle patches to right here standing on your front porch. 203 more words


In all kinds of areas, people are interested in what tools get used. Jordan’s shoes, Federer’s racquet, Woods’ woods, Hendrix’s guitars. Artists are as guilty of this as anyone else. 106 more words



She tells him her worries and her joys, the ones no one else wants to hear. He doesn’t care whether she smiles or frowns, just listens and echoes the occasional word. 23 more words


Cutler City...the Summer ends....

Okay, maybe you’ve had enough of Cutler City…but if not, here’s a little more….the Bay House Restaurant is the structure at the far right…Cutler City Cafe in those days… 220 more words