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Busy Doing Nothing... Not Really...

Work life often gets in the way of home life.  Know how that feels?

Lately work is casting a slight shadow over play.  But I have managed to get a few things done.  221 more words


Dreadball MVP: Buzzcut

Something rarely seen on this blog: really bright colours!

Buzzcut is an MVP for Dreadball from Mantic Games. This means he’s a freelance/mercenary who’ll play for whichever team can afford him. 33 more words


A Hearty Hello.

Hi guys,

Ralph here, things are a little quiet here at Small Mans HQ so I thought I’d take a little time to say Hi and to upload some photos of the armies/ teams I play in various games.   711 more words


Change afoot on the hobby front!

So I have finally made some big changes recently on the hobby front and ditched warmachine and 40k. With numerous failed attempts to getwarmachine running consistently in Bristol I have thrown the towel in and sold off my stuff. 353 more words


Dreadball - Voracious Vagabonds

Another bunch of models scratched off my to-do list. Yay!

My own Dreadball team ready to play, the Voracious Vagabonds (because  why not alliteration and it sounded better than the Hungry Hungry Hobos). 413 more words

A Game of Clones -Dreadball Zee team done.

How many bad pun ape/monkey/chimp/primate/clone names can we come up with before settling on a name for this team?

Ryse of the Planet of the Apes? 39 more words

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