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The Martin D-45 Madagascar Rosewood Guitar

Since the very beginning of production of the famous Martin dreadnought guitars, the D-45 has been their flagship instrument.

The Martin D-45 Madagascar Rosewood Guitar

The Martin HD35 Guitar

The H stands for herringbone, and the D stands for dreadnought.
First and foremost it’s important to realize that essentially the Martin D 28 and the Martin D35 are both dreadnought guitars of exactly the same size and shape that are both completely solid wood constructed instruments with…

The Martin HD35 Guitar

SSG awakening!

Nearly a year has passed, since i last published somthing on my blog here at wordpress.com. While i was working on other time consuming projects, a lot has happened in the world of SSG: Star Citizen finally released their first Dogfight Module. 156 more words


Astral Claws Venerable Dreadnought

I have finished my Venerable Dreadnought. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post, your suggestions were much appreciated. As you can see, in the end I did decide to swap one of the armour panels and repaint the other in order to make the overall appearance less blue. 577 more words

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Looking forward to: Dreadnought

I love science fiction and I cannot lie, but space shooters I can deny, when a game comes out with a FLT drive and emphasis on storyline I feel revived. 566 more words


Venerable dreadnought wip

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@Mini_Miscellany), will have seen this already. I’m quite pleased with how he’s coming along but I’m not entirely sure about the blue panels on the front. 53 more words

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How No Man's Sky Reignited The Console War

No Man’s Sky may be the killer app for the next couple of years of gameplay, and that’s really unfortunate for some gamers.