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New show: Trveseldeng on 12th December

Well it can’t get any trver than this! We’ll share the stage at Trveseldeng with our mates from Mike Litoris Complot and Dreadnought! Well, now take a wild guess at where this pvre fvcking awesomeness will take place? 24 more words


Simple Mortis Dreadnought Conversion

This is a pretty straightforward conversion for a Dark Angels Mortis Dreadnought. First things first. The Gallery:

The conversion is very simple, and uses the Quad Gun from the Aegis Defense Line kit. 112 more words

The Man Who Ate The First World War

He began with a Dreadnought,
folding the steel hull, licking the salt
from its crumpled bulkhead.
A side dish was the bloodstained coat
of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 116 more words