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Dynasty General - Don't Call Me A Rasta (Cadence of Hair Event)

Open Moments presents Cadence of Hair, an event on poetry, love and hair in NYC. Dynasty General delivered his poem “Don’t Call Me A Rasta” in front of a large and diverse audience as a response to a heated conversation he had with some radical Rastafarian’s. 26 more words


Loc Care

Whether it is the heat of summer or the dry cold temperatures of winter, locs have a tendency to dry out. Our locs need moisture to prevent breakage. 377 more words

Why 'I Can't Breathe.'

It has been well document about the unfortunate death of Eric Garner. His death is one of the rare occasions that is recorded on video from beginning to end. 386 more words


Locs in Color!

In my last loc post, I discussed the plateau I feel that I’m on with my locs now. To sum it up, I’ve gotten to a point where they just aren’t that interesting to me anymore… 212 more words


50% population decrease

For some reason being out in the woods frees people. It allows things to happen or exist that wouldn’t exactly be recommended in the normalcy of civilization. 254 more words


Secondary Research

After exploring, photographing, drawing, and collecting things from the streets of Brixton it was time to do some secondary research. This means looking through books, websites, magazines or galleries for anything relevant to our subject. 158 more words

The History of Dreadlocks - Or At Least What I Could Find

While deciding if I was going to lock my hair I did plenty of research. I have already made my decision to get Sisterlocks installed, but for the past few days I have been curious about the history of locks. 446 more words