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Back at it again

So turns out my man is not thrilled about my wanting to loc my hair , he still wants to pull it lol!! and suggests i wait until i’m an older woman , and as for me i think i should take some calculated steps, like maybe rocking a dreads wig, lol, or getting some loc extensions, before i go all the way in! 25 more words

Small video of me on the comp wall a few weeks ago

Nearly reach the top but not yet this last move on the route has been troubling me for a week or two!

Check it out on YouTube! 7 more words


Dreaded Eniris

Young, educated, and black is truly a dangerous combination. Knowledge is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and this man is knows how to re-gift.There has been a stigma with dreads for a very long time, and i believe its come now to correct that. Many people do not believe dreads can be professional. They see it as some kind of rebellious movement that can not coincide with the business world. Well, Mr. Eniris is here to break the mold for all of us, and this is what he has to say.

What inspired you to loc up your hair?

What inspired me to loc up my hair, aside from the stylish reasons, it definitely gave me a sense of connection to my roots. Obviously dreads resemble roots, and definitely gave me that connection back to the motherland (Africa). Also I am of Jamaican decent so all of that kind of influenced me to loc up my hair.

Are Dreads Professional?

That’s a stigma that I definitely disagree with, just like any other hairstyle, dreads are just that..hair. I am not my hair, I am more than my hair. My level of intelligence can not even be drastically measured by my hair, or any other hairstyle. So I definitely disagree with that. Its a personal goal of mine to actually change that stigma. So all that believe in that, that’s just proof that there is ignorance.


Loc Goddess of July

Loc Goddes of the month is a post I will be adding to my blog every month. This specific post will be to inspire  those who are just starting their loc journey and can’t wait to have those flowing locs like many of the young and older women we see  on YouTube and Instagram; soon enough I will be there and so will you. 266 more words


“What brought you to Oahu?”
“Seven mile miracle.”
“What have you learned about yourself while living here?”
“That I can handle anything.”