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Creating ~ Full Moon Dream Boards and 12 Nights of Solstice Project

Earlier in the week, my sister came and joined me again in the making of full moon dream boards. This time, I asked if she minded if I took a photo of hers…and she was nice enough to allow me. 165 more words


Our new home office!

Well, we’ve gone and added yet another zone to the apartment!  We’ve taken our little 1-bedroom apartment, and carved out an office space.  It’s located in our living room, between the living area, the drum kit (yes, drum kit in an apartment), and the dining table. 279 more words

Week 9 - More Passion and Emotion, Gotta Be What I Gotta Be!

OK, gloves are off, sleeves rolled up, chin down, hands up, let’s go for this thing, Future Bruce! You’re my Buddy, not a stranger and I’m sworn and bound to bring you in soonest. 299 more words

Dream Board

I have no idea where I found these pictures, but, these built-in refrigerators are a must on my dream board. This is a must have for when we build our dream home. 26 more words


Week 6 - Roll 'Em! Finally Got 'er Done!

So today I focused on getting a ‘real’ movie poster completed, after a critical look at my previously posted wishlist of ‘stuff’ I want.

I added photos and graphic elements for both my PPNs (Liberty and Helping Others) as well as the shapes and colors with SMART goals. 66 more words

Week 6 - Back to the Drawing, um, Dreaming Board

So I’m loving the graphic element of creating dream boards. I pulled the categories from my DMP and went for specifics. Found and downloaded images of those specifics, cropped, resized, and fit them all into one 8.5×11 page on Publisher and put it together. 323 more words