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The Dream Chaser

All things are possible, through Christ that strengthens me. Phill 4:13

We always ask God “what is our purpose?”.  The thing I realised was this, we are not matured enough to know.   565 more words


CrossFit & Appendicitis

Well it seems that my Journey to the regionals from the Open is over thanks to my appendix deciding that it was due for an inflammation. 149 more words


MOU IN STYLE - A Blog by Chrisitine Mou


MOU IN STYLE – A Blog by Christine Mou

Hi Everyone! This is Christine :)  Today I’ve got two important news to announce, and I will start talking about the first one – The New Launch of My Blog,  MOU IN STYLE… 623 more words

Standing at a Precipice

Last night I dreamt, presumably consecutively, that I was trying on lingerie in a fancy European shop with Sandra Bullock and then standing on a balcony looking out at the view marveling that I could see Spain from where I stood. 704 more words

Living On The Fritz

you’re probably wondering what it is I mean by that… “On the fritz” usually means something isn’t working the way it should or that its broken, etc etc…when I say “living On The Fritz” it doesn’t mean that you’re living something that isn’t working or you’re living a broken life. 83 more words