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Artistic Evolution

Spent the whole day yesterday looking into a few new artists and how they work. Its given me a new perspective on how I work and use my time. 238 more words


Expand Your Limits

Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something, because you were already convinced that you would fail?  I do it all the time – I mean ALL the time. 694 more words

Dream Chasers

Why Am I Here?

I thought I knew what I wanted very early in life. I knew what age I wanted to finish from the university, intended course of study, career path, when I wanted to get married and how many kids I wanted to have. 281 more words

Real Life

You Can Have Both!

I’m going to start this post with a general observation. I’m not looking to spark a debate or touch a nerve. But I have noticed that a lot of Christians tend to feel hesitant about asking God to help them fulfill their dreams because those dreams include success, prosperity, wealth, or something else of worldly value, and they aren’t sure that God really wants them to have those things. 561 more words


Move Forward

or, What To Do When You Get Stuck

In the process of chasing after our dreams, goals, or aspirations, we will inevitably come to a point where we feel stuck. 651 more words