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50 Ways to Date your Dream Guy for Keeps!

“His shining eyes, there’s sparks.

His kissable lips, there’s love.

His undescribable act, there’s admiration.

Catch him? Why not?”

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From the Basketball Court to my Bible Notes I: A Post-game Analysis of my "Ideal Guy"

The quarterfinals for the Asian Games are over. We are already out of the running for a medal. Upon discovery that Gabe Norwood is a Christian, my sister has flooded the browser history with pictures of him in the iPad we share. 974 more words

The one

We all have expectations of ‘ The One’ the guy of our dreams, who we are meant to be with.
We make our list about who our idea of the one is, what standards they have to keep. 730 more words

Ideal Man

Minsan ko nang inilista ang mga gusto ko sa isang lalaki.
Minsan ko naring binura ang listahang ito.
Nuong minsan naman may nakapagsabi saakin na dapat daw talagang may sinusunod tayong standards. 459 more words

Dawnut Eat

Will there be Us?

Why would I want to hug you again, i never had a chance before,
Why aren’t you begone in my mind, there wasn’t an us, 129 more words


Our Dream Guy

Well technically my dream guy. But what chick in her right mind doesn’t want a guy who will sing to them “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas? 383 more words

Little but a dream

Intertwined it’s like your here,

Beneath the stars both we lie,

The skins touch feels little of artifice,

Lost in translation still knowing your there. 97 more words