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Fragments and Art School Buddha

Fragments:  …”putting leave of warranty”… (putting, as in golf)…  Sheri Holt…(Do I know that name?).  She’s the realtor.  I walk around to the front of my house to find cabinets, a lot of them, on the porch.  631 more words


Luxury Restaurant in an Empty City

It begins with a fascination with brown, leather, driving gloves.  They are slender and have a cuff long up the arm.  I see other people wearing them as a new fashion, which irritates me because I had that same pair ten years ago and so did my husband.  1,479 more words


Freezing World

I’m dining with my husband at a long table in a medieval manor.  He’s at one end, and I’m at the other.  Behind my husband, a tall, double-door opens, revealing the white, frosty outdoors, and a wizard walks in with a cold wind at his back.  236 more words


A dream.


        He was at the bar with five drinks in front of him. Three had already been downed and he was working on the fourth. A man appeared on his left side. 719 more words

A Central Guidance

In these images, John is contending with different aspects of himself that operate at different speeds. As we elevate in our journey, parts of us begin to operate at higher speeds. 1,525 more words

Inner / Outer

Shut-eye Adventures

I am hiking with a friend who I wish I could see more of in real life. We are in the mountains and suddenly we are scaling cliffs and rock climbing. 207 more words

The Angel Prayer Book by Psychic Medium, Healer and Teacher Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed metaphysical artist and has been featured in national magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook and Health. A regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia, she is the award-winning author of  314 more words