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Have you dreamt of killing an ox lately?

If so, your enemies will soon be “removed”…

…according an ancient Egyptian book on dream interpretation.

The book also tells us: if you see a large cat in a dream, you will enjoy a bountiful harvest… 177 more words



I had a dream a couple months ago, (i bet that opening line gets annoying but as it goes…) that I was in love with you. 258 more words

Not So Total Recall

It’s been a surreal day, and, more than anything, I wish I knew why.

Last night, I had a disturbing nightmare which seems connected both to a conversation I had before I went to sleep, and another, completely unrelated chat, this morning.  1,338 more words


Panther Wishes and Casino Dreams...

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to memorialize the most recent Panther-related dream that I was fortunate enough to be treated to — this one went down maybe a bit over a week ago now.   797 more words

Lucid Dreaming

I close my eyes and I see nothing but black. Then, little by little, I see a small sliver of light creeping across the foreground of my visual field. 840 more words

Independent Author

Weird dream(4-14-2014)

Dear reader last night I had a really vivid and random dream, here is what I can remember about it:

In the first part of the dream I am trying to get away from dead bodies(You can see the bones and the flesh is almost all gone) my dad is pushing my chair through this really high grass where two of the bodies are and he gets me past the first two but my chair gets stuck and I almost run over a third body. 389 more words


Foreigners or Aliens

I exited a cave.  Outside, I started up a hilly slope.  Near the top was a train track.  Just above it was a trail and an opening into another cave.  484 more words