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Cat Dream

Last night I had a rare dream about a cat. I do not go dreaming with cats for as long as I could remember. So I fell like I should interpret it more: 257 more words


Help me to interpret my dream:

Got drunk with Andrew and ex-crackwhore Wendi. Lost everyone, hours later found my phone in my purse and sobbed to Andrew, who had gone to his parents house (for some reason not his own house) at this point because I’d been missing for hours on end. 199 more words

My Dream: A Nightmare

Let me start out by saying, I haven’t talked to my brother in around about 3 1/2 to 4 months.  We got into a family disagreement and haven’t talked since.   2,263 more words


The Dream to Awakening


The Dream to Awakening

 A window to the soul

           There is a window to your soul in which you experience every night.  You go into this deep trance… 475 more words

Winning Hand

I am lying in something like a sanitarium, but nothing like one at all, except that there are other people who, like me, are dying of a wasting disease.  700 more words


Dream 23 – March 5, 2014

Fear, Focus, & Triumph

In the of my dream, I’m in a theme park situated on an isolated island. I fall in love with a man there. 1,074 more words

Dream Analysis

DREAMS: Remembering - from Cathy Hunsberger

Remembering Your Dreams, Contd.

Scientifically Blocked Memory

There is one element in dreams that almost no one can recall in detail:

You turn the corner of a quiet city street. 326 more words

Cathy Hunsberger