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A peculiar dream

What I am about to type out right now holds some sort of significance, I feel.

I don’t always dream. Or at least I don’t remember my dreams. 802 more words

Diaries: Echoes Of My Soul

Virtual dreaming


At the entrance of a Virtual Reality Dome, a sort of man-made universe in a biosphere, the blissful scene of an ocean sunset calls to me - as if to say “come and have a look.” I creep inside, barefoot and bewildered, trying to decipher what’s real and what’s fake. 307 more words


Dreams About Snakes - Dream Interpretations

Join psychic reader and dream interpreter Valdene Love as she takes on a journey into the meaning behind our dreams.

In this video Valdene Love will tell us what it means if you dream about snakes. 12 more words

Dream Analysis

The dream.

I think dreams can be just random creations of our sleeping mind, sometimes brought on by spicy foods or random happenings of the day. I think there are other types of dreams, that are visions meant for our minds and that no one else could have because they are for our divine guidance. 623 more words


Dream Diary Entry 0004: Night Before 03/28/2014 — Cafeteria Competition

Last night I dreamed I was in a cafeteria in college, and every time I got in a line for a kind of food I wanted, the cafeteria would sell out. 319 more words

Spirituality and Dream Interpretations

Last night I dreamed of being consumed first by fire, then by ice. Dream interpretations can awaken one spiritually and shed light upon an aspect of your life that needs attention. 317 more words


Before Bed

Doesn’t it feel nice to have the light still out now that Daylight Savings has occurred? Yeah, makes up for the lost hour of sleep. Well, in part of the time switch it doesn’t feel like it’ll be nearing 11 at all. 392 more words