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Six Weeks in Canada...Part One

May came and went, we won the USA National Championships, we went to the Philidelphia Cycling Classic, a race with a rich history in American cycling, where Jure Kocjan finished second to UHC’s Keil Reijnen and we bordered a plane to head north to Canada much to the despair of the Americans. 691 more words


If dreams were horses...

Totoy Nakamura was just a young boy when he was sent flying through the sky. At age 7, he realised his first ever dream-job. He wanted to be an astronaut.  138 more words

Nice And Light

Many Days of Lists... My Dream Jobs

I think very few people are lucky enough to actually have their dream job. At the moment nobody has invented a job that lets me sit and read or spend my day on pinterest whilst getting paid to do so, in this case these are my dream roles: 291 more words


Hate your Job? - More Reason to Kick Ass At It

I have had my fair share of mean bosses and uncomfortable work situations. I know what it feels like to wake up and absolutely loathe having to go to that place. 643 more words


Ultimate Dream Job

At the age of Four I was adamant that by day I would be the worlds greatest surfer (don’t get the chance to do this anymore) and be Britney Spears at night time – laugh all you want, in 1999 she was every little girls role model with her #1 hit… 209 more words

Dream Job

What's Your Ultimate Dream Job?

What’s my dream job?

I’m one of those people that basically know exactly what I want to do in the future. I definitely want to do Radio. 139 more words


What's your ultimate dream job?

Hey everyone!

As I’m working hard at radio school every day, I’m constantly thinking and working towards my dream job and goals. As a person who has already been working in radio for over two years and has broadcasting as her main passion in life, I think it would be obvious to anyone that meets me what my dream job would be. 116 more words