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11-19-2014 | Dream | Playing Sports And Getting Attacked And Pedro Removes My Ear Fungi And A Young Woman Gets Trapped In A Dream Within A Dream

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was somewhat long, but unfortunately I forgot most of the dream; and so it will not make much sense without the many missing parts of the dream. 807 more words


nightmare within a nightmare

I was in a bed being held down by three ghosts who were about to rape me and I was screaming. Then I woke up in another dream and proceeded to tell the people around me my first dream and why I was scared. 64 more words


A Dream Within A Dream

You find yourself wondering
if what had happened,
happened in a dream,
but you can’t remember,
because it’s surreal, yet real,
until you realize
that you’re still dreaming, 59 more words