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Resurrection Sunday: The Home of Mary Magdalene

I spent most of Saturday afternoon at Between the Worlds Church‘s Three Hours Agony, a moving meditation through images and music about the death and entombment of Jesus. 344 more words



There is a dog running out to catch a Volkswagen on a street in a suburb down there. There is always a dog running out to catch a Volkswagen somewhere. 344 more words

Short Story

Counting Dogs, Burning Bridges

I’m dreaming. I’m in a house. Under the stairs things are stored. It’s messy. I pull out a long blue hosepipe. I walk to the kitchen and head outside into the rain my hair, and water obscure my vision. 337 more words


Sleeping with Cedarwod

Either diffusing or placing a drop of Cedarwood on the back of the head, this essential oil has been a favorite with many essential oil users. 141 more words

Essential Oils Tidbits

Investing In Yourself

“To invest in yourself is the best investment of all!”

A lot harder than it sounds.  Many people think they know themselves very well but not until you are doing something for yourself.   114 more words

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