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Blonde Asses

Last night was busy.

I can’t remember exactly which came first. I’m pretty sure I went to Set, though, and he told me “hey go do the thing”. 934 more words


Whuddup Wednesday?!

Hi guys! I am working on my “Haters Gonna” Part 2 post, but it won’t be ready until later cause I got work and church and dog-bathing this afternoon. 746 more words


Dream Big

Ask yourself: “What is my dream in life?” Is your dream to be successful, to be rich, to have a spouse and children, to pursue your dream career, or live in an exotic location? 113 more words


Unless You Dream

“Unless you dream, Nothing happens”

- Richard Brandon



What is wanderlust? Well most sources define it as a very strong desire to travel and explore the world, which I will do once school is finished! 85 more words