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A dream is just a dream unless you bring it into view, and just like any marriage, there must be action behind the “i do.”

Jasper J. Shaffer

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The Simpsons

Yeap… a simpsons episode in my dream. Occasionally I’ll have cartoon dreams. Bart and Homer were outside sitting on the grass at dusk. They were either side of this little puddle, they both put there faces into the puddle and could see a little world underneath. 57 more words


I was out in shopping centre with my mum looking for a watch (i really want a watch lately as you can tell) we came across this little stand which had some watches that looked nice from a distance but up close some were far to tiny… they had watch faces less than 10mm wide, and the rest were digital. 341 more words

Monday 21 April

it’ s never too late
to learn a new skill — even
something like patience


Rocket trip

I was on some sort of school trip in spain, the weather was amazing. I was wondering about outside and as i looked up to the sky i saw a massive rocket being launched, but it wasn’t normal. 182 more words

A Secret:

Book lovers never go to bed alone.

Dream Residence : Dakota Dunes Residence By Knowles Blunck Architecture (13 Photos)

Set in an affluent growth alongside the Missouri River this gorgeous present day personal residence by Knowles Blunck Architecture  was created to maximize views and daylight, but nevertheless provide a sense of privacy and intimacy. 17 more words

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