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Reflections of an Ocean Girl: Dream Chasing

With the recent bout of stormy weather that has been pounding the New South Wales coast, I have yet again been confined to the land by reports of dangerous swell. 345 more words



though I pass judgements
of taste — stark reality
doesn’t budge one inch

Had trouble remembering my dreams last night, but eventually remembered 2 things. A training course that wasn’t deemed suitable or satisfactory, and a mild conflict of opinion on the subject of an aunt of mine. 79 more words


Today I added one thing to my bucket list, you will think it’s crazy but…

I want to go to the moon :)

Do you think I’ll do it? Be serious…


While the moon shines tonight,

be wrapped with all your days delight.

Close your eyes and give in,

let your sweetest dreams begin.

Random Scribbles


Moth flutter softer than Chopin notes.

Nocturne rain patter, crickets and frogs

a million year symphony.

Sleep stutters waking scenes

pushing into fantasies.

Cross chatter disturbing sleep. 16 more words

Aaron Goldsmith

True About Left Behind

Yes we are crazy, and we’re out of our mind, but this is so true!

#hope #hands #lifted

Silence my Racing Thoughts

Stretching the night in front of me
Turning it into morning
Between sleeping and waking
I lie here wishing for you
For your hands to gentle me… 8 more words