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Thank God this dream is not reality. Except the part about my landlady’s boyfriend…As far as I’m aware she’s single, but he seemed like a nice guy. 83 more words


Horror at the Shopping Mall

I’m pretty sure this dream got the setting from that one time when my church’s youth group counselor left us alone in NYC’s giant Macy’s for a few hours. 105 more words


What Happened to Never Having Kids?

I’m pretty sure this dream was inspired by the season finale of Archer, because I have no plans for this to become reality in any way. 80 more words


A Dreamer's Dream

A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

In the silence of the night
Her dreams screams so loud
To sing infront of a crowd
And touch their cold hearts… 30 more words

Poetry: Poems I Made

My Celebrity Dinner Party

If I had a celebrity dinner party here’s who I would invite.

In no particular order:

Tom Hanks

Leonardo Dicaprio

Jennifer Lawrence

Drew Barrymore

Mike Myers… 10 more words


smart girlz

Album cover or gig poster for my future band:

High fives to anyone who gets the Gilmore Girls reference.


Wishing Life Away

It has occurred to me on many (many, many) occasions that I often wish time would pass more quickly. When at work, I always find myself impatient for the time when I can be done with work. 685 more words