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Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream

Caught in a marriage

without an escape route

I roll over

open my eyes

and find I’m with the man

of my choice… 16 more words


Whats in a Name?

As I think of what to call the world I am building I wonder, what is in a name? You see it is not easy to think of something that is grand as noting starts out that way. 112 more words


Skrips(weet), A Reminder of Getting Older

Well. Sorry to say that I have to postpone the last chapter of previous post (haven’t got the final photos, haha). So, here I am with another new topic: Skripsi. 917 more words


We were in a bathroom where

It’s acceptable to relieve without barriers.

A 2×1 ratio room of white tile.
Two toilets at two corners
Both looking at a wall.
A guy sat parallel to me at the other corner. 52 more words


Guest submission: Michael's dream

Michael was at the hospital visiting his dad, when he saw a lady whose boobs were pointing in different directions. She had surgery to sort it out.


82. Ghost

If I only knew I’d missed you such,
as dreams would come gently rolling in
like waves against a beachside, sunny,
a dreaming brain succumbing to the sins… 124 more words


It was a dream.

The setting was in a rundown urban area, and the environment screamed an anti- Christ-ish movement.

I was with a group of people who were with me, and I with them. 777 more words