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Virtual #4: Virtual Memory Unit

September 11th, 2014 – 67 Minutes

This week Myke and Federico are joined by Seth Clifford. They talk about collecting old games, and the life and death of the Dreamcast.


Top 5 Friday: The Weirdest Games Ever

I’ll be honest, in my quest to find weird games, I found a lot more than 5.  The problem is, a lot of what is deemed “weird” is really just offensive.  670 more words

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Episode 29 - If I Had 2 Billion Dollars


Episode 29 – If I Had 2 Billion Dollars

Episode 29 brings talks of EA listening, Notch trying to cash in, Destiny midnight launch and a trip to nostalgia lane for Dreamcast’s 15th birthday. 22 more words


GOAT Store Publishing celebrates 15th Dreamcast anniversary in style.

As many a keen fan is aware, the legendary date on 09/09/1999 sticks in our minds as the North American launch of the Dreamcast, the console’s legacy is still felt today and although the machine launched in 1998 in Japan and October 1999 in Europe, it’s the American date that sticks with us when celebrating. 417 more words

Sega Dreamcast: A Look Back After 15 Years

It is 1997 and Sega’s current console, the Sega Saturn, is floundering to say the least. With what started out as a horrid idea to announce at the first E3 in 1995 that the console had already shipped without warning, the Saturn was doomed from the beginning. 1,073 more words

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TDiG (9/9) - Sega Dreamcast has its 15th Anniversary

I’m going to be dating myself here but this was the last console that I was truly excited about and bought on launch day.  Yes it was September of 1999 and Sega was finally launching a system worthwhile that wasn’t called the Sega Genesis.   204 more words


Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

Fifteen years ago, Sega released what would go on to be their final console, and the death of a legacy that had been synonymous with 90’s console gaming as much as Sony and Microsoft are with the consoles of today. 1,234 more words