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Air Not for Sale

An interesting version i’m not sure of it’s origin. It’s normally listed as a Messe Sanoh exclusive but i’m not 100% sure if thats the case. 44 more words



In an interview with Shenmue Dojo, Yu Suzuki stated that he is doing all he can to get the wheels in motion on development for another… 350 more words

Video Games: The Movie

We got a great recommendation for you today people! Try Dr. Pepper with any spiced rum. You’ll love it. Oh and watch this documentary titled: Video Games The Movie. 79 more words


Episode 15 - Video Game Nostalgia

Microsoft has filed for the Battletoads trademark, which means it’s time for your PALS to talk about the games that we played as we grew up, what stood out to us, and some of the memories behind those games. 85 more words


Ameba: A new indie game developed for Dreamcast

Ameba: A new indie game developed for Dreamcast

A noir visual novel coming soon for Dreamcast Its not the first time we’ve seen that an indie developer decide to release their game not only on current digital […] 487 more words

Video Games

An Odd Feeling

I’m not really sure what’s going on in my head right now, if I’m absolutely honest. I’m coming off the back of a great week where I got to see some awesome people and did decently well work-wise, but right now I can’t shake the depressive mood that I’ve been in pretty much all day. 688 more words


Sunday Showcase: Expendable[DC] - "I saw Expendables 2"

If you haven’t seen the Expendables movie, then that’s ok because this game that wizwar is playing has nothing to do with that movie, But it does have more to do with the Apocalypse game. 111 more words