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Alana went out with Terry to the shops. They walked and talked for a long time. Everything is clear now between them. Terry said sorry and Alana promised to never do it again. 229 more words


Alana enjoys yoga. Her mind is one step closer to rest. She learns to let go when she is being Yogic. She especially enjoys Yoga with Adrien. 102 more words


Terry is a good teacher for Alana. He teaches her not to worry about her actions which Alana often does. Terry is a very good influence on Alana. 171 more words


Nigel is a sensual lover. He is very caring. There is something about him Alana cannot quite put her finger on. She loves Nigel. He is the sort of guy Alana can imagine living happily ever after with. 159 more words

Miedos y descubrimientos

-Qué tal el fin de semana, saliste?- le preguntó su mejor amiga a Sandra.

-Sí, pero antes de que me preguntes, que sepas que la respuesta es la misma de siempre- respondió Sandra intentando no reflejar el mal humor que sentía.- Tú qué tal? 705 more words


Dreamer #6: The Para-cyclist with a fighter spirit - Aditya Mehta

Good fighters never show their pain.

That’s what Professor Sawang Siripile, known as the father of Muay Thai, once said.

It’s a lie. It had to be. 3,331 more words


Arizona must grant driver's licenses to dreamers

(A version of this post first appeared at Latino Rebels.)

In a short order issued Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Arizona’s last-ditch request to block issuance of driver’s licenses to undocumented students granted deportation relief under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 482 more words

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