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I've got my eyes on you...

I sit, well stand more often than not, and watch how people are so self aware​ on the train in the morning​. One lady takes ​o​ut a metal drinking flask and with a pout of her lips takes a sup. 358 more words

Pärlan the boat

For the past week the weather has been unbelievable. It’s been almost tropical and we’ve enjoyed it to the fullest. This week we took our friend’s boat Pärlan for an overnight ride into the archipelago.



Whoah. So many houses in the works, but making it happen step by step! Currently, we have one house in escrow, two recently available on the market for sale, four homes that are in the flip process, and three more on deck that will all close within the next sixty days. 381 more words


Father #2

all i ever need to bring me back up
from where i’ve been down
is running through empty lots and familiar driveways
to a place i call home


week 301 ~ sunlight dapples waves lap the shore

sunlight dapples waves lap the shore
we lie here dreaming of nothing
at all for we hold everything
in this moment not needing more
here there’s no after no before… 28 more words


Dreaming the Blue

Dreaming the Blue
Wild North, pure and true
A mystical land
The elements in command
Breathing through my soul
Life’s transparent, whole


Photographer: my good friend and wonderfully rude witch MrsRedHead Photography


You are H20

Water does stuff that we don’t do. Like evaporate. Be a place for shrimp to die. Lie on my bathroom floor until I slip on it. 675 more words