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Death makes men desperate

In my life time I’ve seen, the desperate things that men will do when facing their own mortality. I’ve seen wealthy men go broke, weak men find courage and wise men become fools all while trying desperately to prolong their inevitable destruction.

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High Emotions

My emotions feel as if I’m in some strange and gooey dream drifting up in the clouds. For the past summer weeks, I’ve woken up in the early hours of the morning with a pounding heart from dreaming. 515 more words


Haiku #43

dreaming of where
the white heron sleeps
I write this poem

Stolen Dream

II had this dream

which I told to this man

who then stole it

& sold it to this woman

who flaunts this dream


If you can dream it, you maybe won't achieve it.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be”. This quote echoes in my head for quite some time now. There’s a voice in my mind that keeps saying this quote over and over again. 633 more words


How to choose a perfect gift?

Is there really anyone who is not familiar with the struggle of finding a good gift? I am talking about this horrible feeling of wanting to buy a perfect gift for someone but drawing a complete blank? 178 more words


Driftless dreaming,

awash in enclaves of effervescent sentience

the endless tides of a grazing mind,

as though Eckhart toiled

in sunny fields of

promise, to weave threads… 93 more words