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I had a vision, a Steve Jobs moment of brilliance, last year of an invention, that ironically came to me in a dream. 143 more words


Filling a Rainbow

This morning I pulled myself out of bed–grab my torso and heave, clamp onto my legs, “Come on.” Whew, I was up. I shuffled downstairs to start the pancakes–plugging in the griddle and pulling the whole wheat flour, the baking powder, the salt out of the cupboard. 178 more words

I dream of that moment like any other young, single woman. I pin countless pins to my Pinterest board about what exactly I want my dream wedding to look like. 494 more words

Dreams of late..

My dreams have been so vivid of late.

People touch my face.

People speak names.

People look at me and actually see me.

And there is sunshine; lots of sunshine. 25 more words

Stand up all you dreamers!

Stand up, stand up
Stand up all you dreamers
- “Wake Up” All Sons and Daughters Live Album

What are your dreams?

If you had a best case scenario and no barriers or boundaries, what would you do with your life? 266 more words

Missions School

Everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be in order for you to learn and grow. Nothing has gone wrong with your life. You don’t need to worry or be hard on yourself. 153 more words

Looking out the Window at Work...

It’s a slow day, so I thought, “why not write?”

Truth is, I am bored at work. I mean…really bored.  So this will end up being a bunch of rubbish from start to finish. 486 more words